Bern, Zug, Biel, Lausanne and Bern – are for the first time, five Swiss Teams in the Champions Hockey League, which begins on Thursday. Is due to the fact that Switzerland has displaced last season Finland in the club Ranking of 2nd place. This was ensured in the country of the world champion for the “national mourning”, on CHL CEO Martin Baumann thick.

The Swiss also tried before the sixth season with great Elan, to sell the basketball king of the class. He presented Charts and Figures, as the Swiss team achieved an average of 5257 Fans (also thanks to the group play included SCB-Saisonabos). Baumann hopes that one day the Final at a neutral site, and only in the spring, when in the leagues, the Playoffs run, will be held.

The CHL does not want to hide following the example of the football, and is gaining in importance. No one doubts the sporting value. However, in terms of attention and audience Numbers it is still “upside potential”, as well as Baumann admits.

“We see ourselves as the Underdogs”

Until the season 2022/23, the competition is secured. The prize money increases every year. However, on a manageable level. This time, there is a total for the winner 425’000 Euro (462’310 Fr.). In football, each participant will receive 15 million euros (16.3 million Fr.).

As a gift for the CHL is the first-time participation of Lausanne, Biel and Bern. Great is the enthusiasm in Ambri. For today’s game with last year’s Finalist Munich 600 Fans to arrive. The Ticino cult-club could ignite with his passion and enthusiasm for the sometimes lack of fire in the Champions League. “We see ourselves as the Underdogs,” said Trainer Luca Cereda, “and want to make life as difficult as possible.” And Baumann says: “Ambri is sure to make a splash.”

The city was “extremely euphoric”, says Mathieu Tschantré the Captain of the EHC Biel, starts today at home against the Norwegian champion Frisk Asker.

help Tough for the master SCB

the Standing of the CHL in Switzerland on the jumps, it would probably also be helpful, if a NL Team would go far. So far, there were only two Exploits: 2015/16 prior to joining Davos in the semi-final and again a year later Fribourg repeated the feat.

master Bern gets it, however, already in the group stage with a hard chunk to do. “The Road trip to Skelleftea and Oulu, is for us extremely difficult, but there will be games at the highest level,” says defender Ramon under the sander.

The announcement of the train’s coach Dan Tangnes: “We want to win every competition we attend.” About the eighth-final of the ECC did not, so far, in five took part.

group A

Thursday, 29. August
Klagenfurt – Tappara, Tampere (19.30)
Biel – and-Frisk Asker (19.45)

group B

Thursday, 29. August
Pilsen – Hämeenlinna (17.00)
train – Rungsted (19.45)

group D

Friday, 30. August
Yunost Minsk – Lausanne (18.00)
Lahti Pelicans – Trinec (18.00)

group E

Friday, 30. August
Skelleftea – Bern (18.00)
Kärpät Oulu – Grenoble (18.00)

group G

Thursday, 29. August
Farjestad – Banska Bystrica (18.00)
Munich Ambri (19.30)

The First two of the eight groups qualify for the knockout stage.