Two years after the divorce, to deliver Amber Heard (32) and Johnny Depp (55) continues to be a public mudslinging. In March Depp sued his Ex-love 50 million dollars in damages: The Hollywood Star accused the actress of defamation. Heard had accused Depp of domestic violence. The impetus for the suit is said to have given an article, Heard in December 2018 for the Washington Post wrote. The actress described their experience of domestic violence from the perspective of a public Person. After the million lawsuit by Amber Heard kicks back now.

In new court documents describes Heard in detail a number of situations in which Depp was her under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The “Alice in Wonderland”Star should have, and choked, beaten, and as the “New York Post” reported. Heard claims that her Ex-husband “a completely different Person” was, “often disillusioned and violent”, if he consumed drugs and alcohol. “We called this Version of Johnny the Monster,” writes Heard in the documents.

Depp was jealous because of the love scene with James Franco

“Sometimes, when Johnny consumed at the same time, illegal narcotics and prescription drugs, I had to get him medical help,” says Heard. “If he took something, I got Worried for the both of us.” In the court documents, she also addresses the fact that Depp has denied the violence allegations several times. “Johnny recalled to his intoxication, often to his behavior,” she writes. “Because I loved Johnny, I believed him, his numerous promises that he would change for the better. I was wrong.”

Heard describes one such incident that occurred in may 2014 in a private jet from Boston to Los Angeles. Depp was freaked out, because he was jealous because of a love scene with James Franco (40): With actor Amber Heard turned back to the movie “The Adderall Diaries”.

“Johnny kicked me in the back”

Johnny Depp got drunk during the flight much. “His team members said to me that he’s excited about the romantic scene, I started the day before with James Franco,” says Heard. “Johnny began to throw things at me. I changed just the place, which not stopped him. He yelled at me and called continually on the name James Franco. Eventually, I stood up, and Johnny kicked me in the back. I fell down. Johnny threw his boots to me, as I lay on the floor. He yelled still profanity and a castle for the Rest of the flight on the toilet.”

Heard claims that Depp has apologised after the incident via SMS to her and wrote: “Once more I’m ashamed and regret it. I’m sorry. I don’t know what or why it happened. I will never do it. I love you and I’m sorry that I disappointed you.” Depp was, as his assistant told Heard later, allegedly, the incident remember. He was horrified when he was told that he had kicked Heard in the back and started to cry.

“beaten Repeatedly, kicked out of the ground, choked”

In March 2015, just a month after the wedding, it came under Heard to the next escalation. Depp, who was considered to be clean, had been in Australia on a three-day Ecstasy Trip and have not slept. The first dispute came about because Depp has claimed that he had complied with his abstinence – finally Heard I have forbidden him the use of Ecstasy never concrete. “Johnny pushed me, gave me a slap in the face and threw me to the ground,” writes Heard. The next day, Depp alcohol and MDMA have consumed.

Until the night I beat Depp “several times, kicked out of the ground, choked,” and you spit in the face. The actor had started throwing glass bottles and crack-Heard on the hair. For three days, Depp had become increasingly violent again – when he hit you at the same time with a phone against the wall haute, he cut off a part of his fingertip.

“Johnny had urinated all over the house”

On the Morning of the third day, you’ve found the house trashed: “Johnny had left me numerous messages all over the house, on the wall and on my clothes, written with the blood of his injured finger and oil Paint. Johnny had urinated all over the house.” Depp had been brought in after the incident to the hospital, Heard have worn a busted lip, a swollen nose and cuts all over their body. You want to have, even today, scars from the incident on the body.

Amber Heard, Depp, also failed. You’ve beaten her then-husband in March 2015, in self-defense in the face after he wanted to go to her younger sister, Whitney. “I was afraid for her safety and hit Johnny in the face, to draw his attention from her. That was the only Time that I hit Johnny.”

In December, 2015 he was dragged Heard after a quarrel through the apartment they shared in Los Angeles and stages of hair pulled some stairs. “He tore a large clump of my hair and my scalps out of my head”, as Heard.

you told him that you will leave him and the police will be informed. He was more freaked out, I beat them, again and again, yelling that he will kill you. She was afraid to die. “I feared that Johnny was in a Blackout and didn’t realize what he has done for the damage and that he could kill me really.”

it was Only in may 2016, as Depp his Ex-wife accused allegedly with the full force of a mobile phone in the face, split Heard after 15 months of marriage from him. (kad)