KV Ostend, KV Oostende, is experiencing a time of turmoil. The club kwakkelde in the Jupiler Pro League for a whole season, and it also has extrasportief a lot of care. And so it was UNTIL the past couple of days have been essential for the man to defend, and there is still no white smoke from buyer T. President Eddy Vergeylen, Renee’s Menu, and He Lejaeghere target in an open letter to all parties involved. “Talk to each other like adults, and make sure that there is a next season (as a pro)football in the Queen of seaside Resorts”, you hear the sound of it.

“There’s only one kustploeg in the first class, both in good and bad times, we continue to be at the rear uus wèreldploegsje are. Unconditional”, this is the opening line of the letter. “We have, over the past few years, our part, have had regard to the bad times-the presidents – and the managerial changes, degradatiegevaar, financial ups and downs,… Nothing that we couldn’t do it. Because that’s how it has been for centuries in Oostende: low tide and high tide alternate with each other. However, the storm is where we are now, inadvertently, close to it, it makes for hard writing.”

Now after downgrading from Ostend to amateurreeksen, or even a bankruptcy in the last few days, ever more loudly sounding the call of the president and the parties involved in the rapid (virtually) with each other at the dinner-table. In addition, the issues of ex-president Marc Coucke will.