Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik has accused former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in the humiliation of Ukrainians. Earlier, the German diplomat called “a midget from the Ukraine” because he criticized his appeals to withdraw sanctions against Russia.

Ukraine’s Ambassador said in an interview with “Crimea.Realities” that, in his opinion, shredder is trying to rehabilitate his battered image in Germany, but his name will forever remain in history “synonymous with cynical lobbyist for the Kremlin.”

Miller noted that the word “zwerg” (dwarf), which the ex-Chancellor used his address, has several meanings. However, in this case it was clearly not of a fabulous character.

“As can be seen from the tone and context, obviously, that “dwarf” meant, and this expression, according to the explanatory dictionary has a discriminatory connotation, directly alluding to the inferiority,” he reasoned Miller.

He stressed that Schroeder’s rhetoric against the Ambassador is “saucy humiliation of Ukraine and Ukrainians”, and then recalled the crimes of Nazi Germany during the Second world war. The diplomat said that the Third Reich killed 5 million civilians in Ukraine and another 2.4 million were taken into slavery.

such painful associations arise in response to the ominous rhetoric of some German leaders, said the Miller.

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