Amazon is hiring 100 thousand employees because of the barrage of orders

the Epidemic of coronavirus has become a challenge for many companies. But if part of them solves the dilemma of remote and potential decline in revenues, on the other, on the contrary, an additional load, which urgently needs to hire new employees.

according to the SCMP, Amazon struck a wave of online orders that the giant e-Commerce have to attract another 100 thousand employees. In addition, the company until April increases the hourly fee for its employees to $15 per hour will be added $2.

to Act in the face of rising demand has forced other retailers: us supermarket chain Albertsons, Kroger and Raley”s also delivering the goods for the house, get employees.

the company decided to kill two birds with one stone: to solve the problem of labour shortage and to provide work for those who temporarily lost. Trading network issued a call for people engaged in the catering, tourism and entertainment business, suddenly retired.

“We want these people to know that we are happy to accept them into our team as long as it’s not normalized and their previous employer will not call them back”,- stated in the message Amazon.

meanwhile, at the end of the festive season, the number of Amazon employees working full-time or part-time, already amounted to 798 thousand. The additional wages to new employees in the US and Europe will cost the company $350 million.