Amazon has made the suspension billion contract with the Pentagon Microsoft

in the United States Court suspended the execution of the contract Defense of Cloud Infrastructure (JEDI) cost $ 10 billion between Microsoft and the Pentagon, according to CNBC. Microsoft has expressed a regret in connection with the decision of the court. In the Pentagon stressed that confident in your decision to contract with Microsoft.

Amazon has accused the US President Donald trump, the pressure on the Pentagon in the lawsuit, sent in late November in Federal court of the United States, where the company of Jeff Bezos challenged the decision of the Ministry of defence contract to build the cloud storage infrastructure.

According to the published document, the company claims that taking the decision to contract with Microsoft, the Pentagon had made “egregious mistakes on almost every criterion, ignoring the unique advantages of the offer AWS (Amazon subsidiary – approx. ed.) and turning a blind eye to the obvious flaws in Microsoft’s proposal on the implementation of the technical requirements” of contract.

According to sources from the White house, the US President Donald trump personally ordered Amazon from the list of possible winners in the race for the government contract. Amazon, the largest shareholder is the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, immediately sounded the alarm. The fact that Bezos openly conflict with the trump. Media Bezos continuously poured the White house dirt. Trump is responding to them. And now Amazon not without reason, suspected that the decision was made not according to market principles, and calls from above.

the Company issued a statement, which States that if the Pentagon had decided only on the basis of evaluation of competitive proposals, it would obviously be different. That is, Amazon just accused Donald trump of pressure on the defense establishment when making decisions.

According to Amazon errors of the Pentagon are not only the result of “arbitrary and capricious” decision-making.

“They were the result of improper pressure from President Donald trump, who was criticized (Amazon – approx. ed.) as in public and behind the scenes to divert the contract to a joint defense infrastructure (JEDI) from AWS to harm considered him a political enemy of Jeffrey Bezos, the founder and Executive Director of the parent company, AWS, Inc”, – stated in the document.

“the Question is whether to allow the President of the United States to use the budget of the Ministry of defence to achieve their personal and political goals,” adds the company.