Amazon has forced the Pentagon to reconsider the Microsoft victory in the tender for $10 billion

the U.S. defense Department said it would review the decision to award the contract for cloud computing with a $10 billion company Microsoft after the appeal is from Amazon. The company of Jeff Bezos, who also competed for the contract, claimed that he had lost a deal because of potential interference from the President trump.

last month, a court in the United States suspended the execution of the contract Defense of Cloud Infrastructure (JEDI) between Microsoft and the Pentagon. Microsoft has expressed a regret in connection with the decision of the court. The Pentagon then said that confident in your decision to contract with Microsoft.

Amazon says that taking the decision to contract with Microsoft, the Pentagon had made “egregious mistakes on almost every criterion, ignoring the unique advantages of the offer AWS (Amazon subsidiary – approx. ed.) and turned a blind eye to the obvious flaws in Microsoft’s proposal on the implementation of the technical requirements” of contract.

According to sources from the White house, the US President Donald trump personally ordered Amazon from the list of possible winners in the race for the government contract. Amazon, the largest shareholder is the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, immediately sounded the alarm. The fact that Bezos openly conflict with the trump. Media Bezos continuously poured the White house dirt. Trump is responding to them. And now Amazon not without reason, suspected that the decision was made not according to market principles, and calls from above.

the Company issued a statement, which States that if the Pentagon had decided only on the basis of evaluation of competitive proposals, it would obviously be different. That is, Amazon just accused Donald trump of pressure on the defense establishment when making decisions.

the Ministry of defence has requested 120 days for review of the decision. It is expected that the judge in the case, Patricia Campbell-Smith will be allowed to re – assessment, although it has not yet made a formal decision.

an Amazon spokesperson: Doug stone (Doug Stone) in a statement on Thursday said that the company “is pleased that MOE recognizes the “significant and legitimate” questions which influenced the decision to award the contract to the JEDI, and that it is necessary to take corrective measures.” He added that Amazon is looking forward to action “which completely isolate the revaluation from political influence and will correct many of the problems that affect the initial incorrect result.”

However this solution is not a complete victory for the Amazon: the Ministry of justice said in a court case to oppose the petition for reconsideration of the decision on the conclusion of the contract. The petition was based on the question of price, and not interfere if Mr. trump in the process, according to representatives of the Department.

Press Secretary of the Ministry of defence did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“We believe that the Ministry of defence made the right decision when they awarded us a contract,” said Frank X. Shaw (Frank X. Shaw), a Microsoft spokesman, adding that the company remains confident that its proposal “is the right choice for the Ministry of defence”.

due To the rapid change in the position of the Pentagon, the question arises, is there any sudden benefits in the offer or Amazon officials fear that a court action challenging an arbitration award will inevitably pop up electronic letters in which it is alleged that trump has intervened in the process, writes the New York Times.

the official of the Ministry of defense, who was not authorized to speak publicly, said the lawsuit will force Amazon to prove accusations of bias, which she filed against trump, which is a complex legal challenge.

Although Amazon and insisted that trump and officials of the Ministry oborous intervened in the race for the JEDI, legal arguments challenging the award of the contract, focused on the fact that the Ministry of defence has not given accurate estimates of the cost of certain covered services.

In February a judge sided with Amazon on the prices, releasing the temporary injunction, which did not allow Microsoft to continue working with the Ministry of defence contract.

This put the Pentagon in an awkward position. Last month, speaking to reporters at the Munich security conference, Secretary of defense mark Esper argued that the time has come to abandon the problems and move on towards the creation of a cloud infrastructure. Time was at stake, he said, and was at stake for U.S. national security.”For the military it is important that we move forward on this contract, he said. — It’s been too long.”

about the intervention trump the official said only that “I’ve never felt pressure from the White house.”