The TV channel “Friday” of the holding “Gazprom-media” has sold the series “Melodrama” streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, told “Kommersant” on the channel. The first season is already available on the platform worldwide (except Russia and CIS) with subtitles called Melodrama. Later there will be a second season, Refine on “Friday.” The channel has sold the rights to Amazon directly, the amount of the transaction he does not disclose.Both seasons of “Melodrama” with Sergey Baranovym in the title role was broadcast in 2019, then the channel has uploaded these episodes uncut on YouTube and a video Premier. In the story, the Board of Directors of the channel in crisis, decides to bring down his stock to buy them cheaply. As Director General hire of bowser, he begins to remove the episode, which should be a failure, but unexpectedly brings success.”For “Friday” the invention and development of own formats, which would have bought around the world, one of the priorities,” says the channel’s General Director Nikolay Kartozia. This is the second channel deal with Amazon in February streaming platform bought his reality show “Integrity”.Anna Afanasyeva