Amalie is very much alone due to corona-the crisis, and this has led to unhealthy habits and extra pounds on the body. Now inspires she others who are in the same situation.

the Corona-life has affected all of the danes, and for someone is the turnaround more overrumlende than for others.

Amalie Szigethy explains on his Instagram honestly, how coronasituationen has affected her. The last few weeks the weight increased by a little more than four pounds, and it affects the young ‘Forsidefrue’.

“I think that the process has been really really hard. It goes in and affect something by me and my mood, and who I am externally. I get angry and upset with myself that I have allowed it,” says Meyer in an Instagram-story.

Amalie is a girl who is accustomed to being in balance, which she comes by to work out, eat healthy, be together with girlfriends and do things for themselves, which she enjoys.

“I can’t do the things that get me to act as friend, girlfriend, or mother, and it makes very much by me. And the weight that is gone four kilos up, doesn’t make it easier,” says Amalie continued.

What it is for a girlfriend, Amalie refers to, is not known, but the most recent period have been pictures of her and Mikkel Skelskov on Amalie’s Instagram, where the two are intimate together. Mikkel Skelskov is the father of Amalie’s daughter Josephine, but the two parents will not tell, if they have found together again, but something can suggest it.

See the two parents together here – the article continues after the image.

Will inspire other women

Amalie has a hope that her posts can help others, who like herself have had it hard in this time, and who have come to eat a little unhealthy and working out too little.

“I think it is super important in these times, that we are honest and can inspire as many as possible. The truth is that I have defied myself and my expectations for myself. I actually have the onion for myself. I hope that I can inspire other women by saying, ” I have also taken on, I also have eaten unhealthy, but that we get back on track again, and to not feel alone,” says Amalie, who even feel extremely alone.

“I’m trying to hold myself up and be positive.”

Fears of a shitstorm

According to Amalie fears she and her message will cause a shitstorm, because there are other and more serious things in Denmark and around the world than slankekurer.

“I choose to focus on what is happening in my life. I have big respect for what happens and I keeps me indedøre. I act and run a trip, but it is also the. I keep a distance and spritter my hands, as the authorities say.”

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