Due to the corona crisis must now also remain hair salons are closed. This of course leads to revenue loss for the operators.

In Bad Nenndorf to the West of Hanover in lower Saxony, a landlord shows his big heart and assumes the payment of rent, together with all ancillary costs for the may 2020.

landlords shows heart: “Would you in the heavy-duty Corona time

support” In a letter to his tenant, he finds warm words:

“… Because to me, your hairdresser is very important, I would like to assist in the heavy-duty Corona time. As in April, presumably, the sales completely collapse, I would adopt them, like the rent plus utilities for may 2020. This will, I assume, and you will be classified as paid. For me, it is support important to the craft and to show, as the landlord, flag. So you have a little less worry and I hope for you that you get through the difficult time. Since you have paid your rent on time and in full, it is time to give back in the difficult time…”

the owner of the salon shows itself to be stirred

In a Facebook Post, the woman, stirred by the action of their landlord.

“I have found the best owner for my Salon, you could wish for!!! I’m really moved to tears and infinitely grateful for this help!!! It is a difficult time for everyone and everyone can surely help you in any way. If it is possible, do it!” writes the operator of the salon. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

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