a Chiropractor, naturopath, hypnotherapist… Even if the doctor practicing alternative medicine, wearing a white robe, but does not have a badge with a photo, you should choose it with care. Two experts give us tips to help avoid charlatans.

the So-called alternative, parallel or alternative medicine is not always good for welfare or even for your wallet. This was reported in the report of the General Directorate on competition, consumption and fight against fraud, published in December 2019. Held in 2018, the research showed that more than two thirds of 675 practicing physicians (naturopaths, hypnotherapists, and experts of acupuncture), had at least one violation in regards to the incorrect informing of the patient, and in some cases deception or even prescriptions of dangerous treatments.

To date, there is no formal system of rules for doctors, midwives or physiotherapists-physiotherapists in order to control or punish cheaters. On 20 February, the TV channel “France 2”, presented the program on alternative methods of treatment. In practice some precautions when choosing a doctor to be able to defend themselves and to better see the fraudster in a friendly therapist. Recommendations.

inquire about the doctor and his methods

Before entering the first office, it is advisable to find out beforehand. Whether it is the treatment of endometriosis or the use of relaxation techniques, alternative medicine is not so safe. “Today, anyone can declare themselves a hypnotherapist or even crioterapia. You do not need a diploma to use potentially dangerous equipment, this CAto cabin for cryotherapy, where temperatures can drop to -90°C,” says with regret Bruno Falissard, specialist in alternative medicine at the National Institute of health and medical research (Inserm). He condemns the lack of organization and management of these professions. That is why the scientist advises to always obtain in advance information about a doctor online. Even if you are not inspector Colombo, a diploma issued after six hours of lessons, you will have to alert you.

In case of doubt, Bruno Falissard recommends that you turn to a professional: doctor, midwife, nurse or physiotherapist. “This pledge of extra insurance,” he said. Some directions of alternative medicine require an approach. This is confirmed by the departmental Council of the College of physicians of Upper Garonne on the example of acupuncture. “Doctors without special education, practitioners of acupuncture, performing illegal medical practice,” they say on their website. “They inject the needles, and this is called a medical procedure,” continues the Professor of public health.

avoid conversations that discredit traditional medicine

the Contexttraditional Chinese medicinetraditional Chinese medicine alternative to Western metagaming жибао11.12.2016 Güneş: s-400 at the vitamin bar of Istanbul — the guardian of health нацииGüneş21.12.2019 If the physician questions the medical institutions and advises not to go there anymore, you have to understand that this is a forbidden technique. “Serious professional, on the contrary will insist that the patient adhere directly Ialsya your doctor, says Bruno Falissard. — He should explain that his role is not to replace your personal physician, and to provide additional services for the treatment of disease.” According to the specialist, if not, for the patient is a Wake-up call. 75% of problems can be avoided by following these recommendations.

Beware of promises of quick recovery

If you are dealing with a charlatan, the rejection of traditional medicine often goes hand in hand with the wonderful promises of healing. “Non-traditional therapeutic practice are often a matter of faith, belief, but not knowledge, says Josephine of Sebron, President of the National Union of associations of defense of families and individual victims of sects (UNADFI). Sometimes we “believe” in homeopathy or Reiki, but not in gastroenterology”. But none of these practices is not recognized in scientific circles. “We did a test cryotherapy and realized that some evil people were attracted patients this method to” freeze cancers. That is absolutely wrong and harmful,” says Bruno Falissard”. According to Professor of health services offered by the therapist should never compete with the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

make Sure in a strictly professional approach

Promising a quick cure of a disease or poor health, “guru-healers” attract vulnerable people and, in the worst case, to exert influence on the patient. “His practice does not mean the violation or coercion to consent,” warned Josephine of Sebron. Relationship therapist / patient occur only in the profesprofessional, not in personal context. “The practitioner should not interfere in the lives of their customers and not push them to cease communication with their loved ones,” insists the President of UNADFI.

the consequences of sectarian aberrations associated with well-being and health can range from financial fraud to more serious consequences for the patient, such as sexual violence and loss of chances of recovery. If you’ve ever been the victim of a charlatan, UNADFI recommends that you contact organizations that deal with problems associated with religious organizations.

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