the Television show Europe Shine A Light (“Europe lights lights”), arranged for Saturday 16th may instead of the Grand final is cancelled due to the pandemic of song contest “Eurovision 2020”, disappointed, on the one hand those who were expecting the emotions and passions inherent in competitive solos and races. As the phrase buzilov live Explorer bi-Bi-si Graham Norton, for many years commenting on evrokonkurs: “no Winners, no nothing, what you doing?!” Meanwhile in different countries have formed an “alternative jury” that chose the winners.

on the other hand, those of 180 million viewers worldwide, who not just looks, but loves the competition, the fans, are United in hundreds of communities and publics of the Eurovision, watching the TV show, of course, with a bit of nostalgia, awe, and warmth, because “at least that than nothing at all”. Once again to take a look at their favorites, cheer for them, at least in modest circumstances proposed, once again, to feel belonging to motley Eurovision family is also the joy of quarantine on Saturday night.

the participants of the cancelled competition was held cucumbers, encouraged themselves and the fans, saying that Yes, swooped down to attack, but will not hang your nose, more light Pokolbin Yes, when will the sadness. Entertained as they could, fooling around in the online ether, which replaced the semi-finals on 12 and 14 may. In the final, however, time for the jokes remained as the organizers decided to scroll through snippets of songs all the contestants from 41 countries, and special numbers of the winners of the previous years, so there were short and rather duty “abakaliki”.

the speech of the representative of Italy, Deodato with the song Fai Rumore has become for many Italians a hymn of hope during a pandemic, filmed at the famous Arena Di Verona as special exclusive. And it was worth it.

the Combination of emotional singing, piping romantic music and lit by floodlights at night the bowls are empty ancient amphitheater has produced an almost mystical, if not sinister effect. Shaped the dramatic culmination of the show. But the most touching, to sentimental tearfulness, was the story of Bjorn Ulvaeus, one of the legendary ABBA, about a seven year old grandson who suddenly asked: “Grandfather, and my school said that you’re a pop star”. Grandfather showed a photo with the winning performances ABBA at the “Eurovision 1974” and said, “Yes, grandson, you see that chubby guy with the guitar? It’s me.” The grandson was shocked.

Despite barbs from critics about the “fluff” and “stagnation” of “Eurovision” on the sidelines of world musical process, the competition remains one of the most “watchable” of TV formats is being in the world and often manages highly visible footprints in the notorious “musical process”, boasting expressive pottoLeo gained over 65 years: from the same worn to holes, ABBA, Celine Dion and johnny Logan, from Patricia Kaas to Teach In, from Domenico Modugno to Engelbert Humperdinck, from Loreen to Carola, from The international to Conchita Wurst, etc.

So, as usual, almost every year is accompanied by a lengthy lament of skeptics and pessimists that “competition is not the same”, they say, is getting worse and weaker. And every time it turns out that Europe and the world thanks to the contest suddenly again surprised at something fresh, spicy, zabavnenko, modnenkoe, trend Yes aktualnenko.


this year, the trend, hipsters and other trendy answered sufficient an impressive cohort of failed contestants: Russian punk-pop Ravers Little Big, a Belgian techno dremove Hooverphonic, Icelandic synth-popovia og Daði Gagnamagnið, Lithuanian electro-dance-rock Roop Garnier Czech hip-hop traper benny Cristo quite a good set. Women’s faction Primadonna deep-house pop stuff, the successor of the great things all of versitality world musical destinies Billy Ailes, made Victoria of Bulgaria, Roxen Romania, Athena Manoukian from Armenia, for which some critics praised them, others crushed into a powder. As always a representative deputation showed up the team of vocal pop divas: Destiny Malta, Ulrika of Norway, Montaigne from Australia, Ana Soklic from Macao plus a charismatic and battle in his classic pop-soul-gospel role Mamas from Sweden.

not a bad party afroswede would be absolutely wonderful little afrocaribbean Fo Sho, but the national selection Ukraine gave preference to synth-folk-rock band Go_A, which also became a decoration of the current Eurovision lainaa as a clear rebuke of pop to the king Kirkorov Philip, who again groaned in all the air about how unbearable it was to sing at the “national language” during his first performance on the Eurovision song contest in 1995, which ended a magical fly on the 17th place.

And now – Go_A. Ukraine first declared for the contest on Ridniy movi song “the Nightingale” and won an absolute delight Eurovision community, judging by the comments on the Euroforum and the public. Of course, europapl not heard of the Soviet VIA “Ariel” with their pop-rock cover of people’s “Porushka Parany”, but is also useful when well forgotten old suddenly takes on a new quality, and even proper and worthy of the incarnation.

Very vociferous objections pop korolevskim thesis about the “national language”, meanwhile, sounded more than once at Eurovision in the past, ranging from the whole galaxy of Balkan artists, including victorious ��Aria Serifovic with “Prayer” and ending with the Portuguese Salvador Cobrala with delicate Fado Amar Pelos Dois, from which (besides Portuguese, of course) no one understood a word, but was fascinated to tears.

If “tattoo” is not kochevryazhilis, and he just follows his “don’t trust, don’t be afraid” by alienating all the press feigned frostbite on the evrokonkurs in Riga in 2003, then, you see, and they would be added to the list of victories at the “national language”…

And of course it is worth Recalling that the first participant of “Eurovision” from Russia Judith (Masha Katz) in 1994 he sang in Russian is “Eternal wanderer” and despite a “hostile environment” I took a decent 9th place out of 25. In General, there is something to argue about with restless Philip Fine, continuing, however, to take the “Eurovision” into submission.


Meanwhile, in Russia, all the passion and fortune-telling revolved around the “obvious” Little Big victory and ended a terrible disorder from the fact that this victory did not take place, whether a rat the infamous virus. Although the LB themselves, as the virus has infected your Uno Euro hit almost 100 million people around the world and from that perspective, their leadership is not just obvious and devastating. As of may 16, when is the Grand final comforting pill to swallow twittered show Europe, Shine A Light, the balance of the first three contestants on viewing videos on the Internet seemed to be very telling: 95 million from the Little Big; 7 million Lithuanians Roop with hit On Fire; 4.6 million from Azerbaijan woman Samira Efendi with the smash hit Cleopatra. What is called – feel the difference.

the Desire to see his messengers winners is quite natural. According to a recent poll of the “Eurovision” 52% of people in 11 countries and this is what I wish. Moreover, the degree of such “support” the Russians (62%), surprisingly, was lower than in Poland (71%) and even Italy (65%). The other thing is that usually in other countries do not explain the unwanted result solely of the enemy’s machinations and conspiracies of the universe. But it is…

So it is better to continue to entertain a sweet song of victory, but if suddenly someone interesting to think about really a Little Big would have won Eurovision or not, you will notice, first, a much more modest forecasts of other “statisticians” (as, however, on March 18, when it was announced about the cancellation of “Eurovision”), where our pop heroes stood only in fifth place.

it is obvious that there is no direct relationship between the number of views in the global Internet and the outcome of the vote on a particular contest. Just as there can be a direct connection between televoting (voting) and the opinion of the professional jury, which, however, cannot be explained, for example, Sergei Lazarev. ToRoma as “zasilanie” he doesn’t explain himself and to all around why viewers in one or another country gave him 12 points, and other jury – only 0. By this logic, the principle of “Tender may” should be categorically recognized as the best band of all time, but that will do with the millions of fans of the orphan of the collective the opinion of the experts, musicologists, critics and all the people anxiously relating to such a delicate matter as music and art? The question is open.

a Similar question put into operation in the case of Little Big. While in the air was the show of Europe, Shine A Light, restless europani could not calm down, deprived of their main fun of the contest – a vote. And began to act. Many countries held their own vote – in format television show and in numerous specialized sites, forums, public servers.

By the time send the material to the press “MK” had been reported on 15 of these informal “polls” in 11 European countries and 4 major international media resources dedicated to “Eurovision”. The results came out impressive.

Little Big never won, unfortunately, win. The sweet carrot gave our punk-pop Ravers Norway – 2nd place after Iceland, and the most bitter pill to swallow – 13 – the main portal of the harmful and malicious euroblogger WiWiBlogs. When this did not materialize and forecasts for the victory of the Bulgarian adeptly Billy Iles Victoria, although in most cases she entered the three of leaders, like the Swiss artist Gjon”s Tears. The main race took place between the Lithuanians Rooр and Icelanders og Daði Gagnamagnið with a very obvious superiority of the latter (7 wins)

it Should be noted that the musicians Little Big, speaking of the views of eurology, too, spoke in an interview in win Icelandic colleagues on the mobs. A private vote was conducted and several Russian europarltv, the largest of which Little From the took 3rd place, Gjon”s Tears – the second, The Rooр first.


“MK” in turn decided to spend eurochart among our stars. Of course, the first person we contacted was a Dima Bilan, chedovek monument, having the indisputable right to judge but to dress, because the first and remains the only artist who managed to bring victory to Russia on “Eurovision”

– With all my love to the “little big” – began Dima scrape, But I’m a singer and always unconsciously will look for and are attracted to vocal music! Now my preference is an interesting tone and not to strain! I really went a kind of new Billy Iles, Victoria from Bulgaria, and I put it in the first place! 2nd place – Malta (Destiny). I remember when I saw Adele for the first time – I was impressed by her warmth and sincerity, here I bring��flax the same story for me. Finally, 3rd place – Switzerland (Gjon”s Tears) – pure voice and sincere submission. I such love it!..

Speaking about the General level of “Eurovision” Dima noted that “the taste of competition was much higher, shows the generation of audible new solutions, as harmonically interesting, and the visuals became more meaningful in most cases it is very pleasing”. Outside the context of your chart artist separately noted that “it can be to take off something pretty crazy, giving people a smile, and it means “little big” can still be in favor, which, of course, I wish sincerely our. We really need a holiday as never before!


Anita Tsoy, from time to time, too, contemplating europallee to your musculoskeletal system, very thoughtfully came to a personal choice:

– of Course, my main favorites were Little Big. It is very important not to discount the fact that they are “ours”. In my opinion – the perfect contestants for Eurovision. Bright, curious, nice untethered. Their dances conquer the world and become a challenges. Sure guys exactly one of the main contenders for first place. The Lithuanians Roop pleasant artists, fashion style, with good sound and nice song – maybe not very bright, but memorable. I think it will find its place on the radio. Very well-chosen images, good video. I love that all the special effects made what is called manually. It’s definitely a thing. I think these guys can count on second place. Very professional guy Gjon”s Tears from Switzerland. Good vocals, well-chosen song to him. This gold standard of “Eurovision”. Someone this artist will seem too right, he had no attempts of shocking or intent to surprise the audience. All very well thought out, strong pop number without much distraction, quite worthy of a place in the top three.


Lena Katina, which is composed of t.A.T.u. shook “Eurovision 2003”, also has not lost interest in the contest:

– If you do not take Russia, for which I’d been sick all my heart, I would put: 1. Sweden (The Mamas) – cool song with an old-school mood, great voice! 2. Romania (Roxen) – very beautiful melodious song! 3. Switzerland (Gjon”s Tears) is an interesting song, nice voice!


Finally, “MK” could not circumvent Olga Buzova, which last year started the whole Evroset. Yet anywhere and the horse is not lying, she openly stated directly and unequivocally that they are ready to go on “Eurovision” and “defend the honor of Russia”. Russia, however, such a light gust of his daughters feebly failed to notice that, however, does not deprive the artist of the popular right to speak. Olya noticedand:

– I believe that our children (the Little Big) would take first place. A great fun song with humor and dance, which was flooded the whole Tick-tock, as his time was with my “Little half” and “Dance under Buzova”. The second place I would put Moldova and the beautiful Natalia Gordienko, who is helped by my friend and colleague, Philip. He wrote the song that Natalia is going to the competition. Third place in my ranking from Bulgaria! I really like the song and the flow. Very nice.

Olya said briefly and, most importantly, all correct. Now Kirkorov, after such praise, if not to marry, then start Buzova rocket for Eurovision duty. All uniforms DreamTeam. Still SLI it, our Olya!


Flashback in the final show of Europe Shine A Light recalled emotional moments of victory, Duncan Lawrence, envoy of the Netherlands at the contest “Eurovision 2019” in tel Aviv, and his short but very meaningful phrase: “This prize – that music is always first, always!”. Hard-won words. Because, really, no hype, challenge or mob, no matter how daring they may be, will never overshadow the real music. The main thing that she has ever sounded. Including “Eurovision”.

P. S. special thanks to Michael for a Caesarean part in the preparation of the material.