Martin Diedrich (independent) is the new honorary mayor for Altenpleen near Stralsund. He was drawn for the next five years. In the community with almost 1000 inhabitants, he and his opponent Jens RäbAltenpleen in Stralsundiger (also non-party) each had 204 votes on Sunday. According to the state municipal election law, the lot had to decide. Media had reported on the stalemate situation.

“We used surprise eggs, or rather the contents of the surprise eggs – these yellow plastic balls,” said Ines Materna-Braun from the municipality. The procedure via the Internet was inspired by the case of another German municipality then chocolate.”

After the draw, Diedrich said he had to collect his thoughts first. “I think that’s what I saw,” said the official, who was born in 1981. His opponent said it felt like a mau mau game where you lost. “It’s just so.”

In the first ballot two weeks ago, none of the four non-party candidates was able to prevail and received more than half of the votes. At that time, Diedrich had received five votes more than Räbiger and thus the most.

In Germany, people are still being insulted in a way that is anti-Jewish. Spreading of conspiracy theories often contributes to this.

With a series of articles and videos, FOCUS online supports a police crime prevention campaign against anti-Semitism and the spread of conspiracy myths. The Civilian Heroes campaign is for everyone. The topic concerns each of us!

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Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wants to reform the hospitals. But his suggestions are by no means met with enthusiasm by everyone. Midwives have now started a petition against one of the innovations.

21.2 million pensioners in Germany will receive more money from summer 2023. In the west, pensions will rise by 3.5 percent as of July 1, in the east they will even rise by 3.5 percent. In view of the galloping inflation, however, this could not be enough for many retirees. The press comments on the pension increase.