Alsu with son Rafael

Today, in the family of a 37-year-old Alsou and her 42-year-old wife Yana Abramova is celebrating: four years ago, came to light their long-awaited son Rafael. On this occasion the singer has published in his instagram a new photo with the boy whose photo she posts rarely:

4 years of unconditional happiness by the name of Raphael. My favorite boy, my universe, my heart. Happy birthday, son. Let our children be healthy and very happy (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. edition)

the singer wrote.
Alsu with son Rafael

for a Long time Alsu do not publish in social networks no pictures with my son and just recently decided to acquaint fans with the baby. The face of Raphael Alsu still hides in her instagram you can find only those photos in which the boy appears in the back or face, closed smiles.

by the Way, and their daughters, 13-year-old Safina and 12-year-old Michelle, the singer has also for many years protected from media attention and fans. In one of the live broadcasts of instagram star explained why adhere to such position, and said subscribers to one of the most frequently asked questions: when will it finally show the face of Raphael.

Jan Abramov Alsu with childrenI absolutely tortured questions about her son. I want to tell everybody. The world saw Michelle and Safin when Michelle was five, and Safin — six. And nobody was surprised. Anywhere I did not hid. He’s just too small. When he grows up and decides to start an account, want to tell everyone “hi”, then he’ll do it. Up to this point can not even ask, where, and why,— said Alsu the question to all interested parties.

the star once in a while, but still tells how growing her son Rafael. For example, in the same broadcast she announced that the baby is literally “mad” on the Cheburashka. The boy enjoyed watching cartoons with him and proudly wears a t-shirt with a picture of your favorite multpersonazh.
Alsu and her daughters Micelli and Safina and son Rafael

this year Alsou and Yan Abramov said the 14th wedding anniversary. Married spouses, in addition to baby Rafael, also have two daughters — Safina and Mikella. After participating in the show “the Voice. Children” the youngest daughter of a singer for a long time did not descend from the front pages. The reason for this was a victory for the show, which many viewers thought undeserved. After detailed examination of the First channel has decided to cancel the election results and staged another symbolic end of the show, which has divided the victory between all participants.