The losing manufacturer Alstom has raised an objection. According to German Newspapers, the choice of the procurement chamber had fallen to the Thurgauer Zugbauer Stadler Rail.

As stated the BVG spokeswoman Petra carnations at the request of AWP, the verification request from Alstom on Friday afternoon at the procurement chamber of the Federal state of Berlin. The deadline for objections had expired on Sunday, 24 hours. The largest order in the BVG-history applied in addition to Stadler Rail and Alstom, a consortium made up of Siemens and Bombardier.

Four to six weeks of delay

Actually, wanted to announce the BVG today, Monday, is officially the winner of the tender. This will be delayed now for weeks. According to the BVG spokeswoman cloves it is likely to be a delay of about four to six weeks.

Three ways to give: The public Procurement Tribunal orders improvements at certain points, it rejects the objection or tilts the whole tender.

Obsolete fleet of vehicles

The completely outdated underground car Park of Berlin is to be renewed in 2021 completely. The whole tender of the procurement chamber should be declared ungütig, it would be a debacle for the BVG, Berlin and, above all, the passengers. “Everything about the four to six weeks will be critical,” said LPP spokesperson, cloves, with a view to the delivery dates.

The “Berliner Morgenpost” and the “daily mirror” had reported last Friday, the OPA Board of Directors had decided already in the beginning of may for Stadler. The contract had a value of 3 billion euros. Stadler builds already today, Berlin-Pankow trains for the U-Bahn and the Berlin transport authority. (SDA)