In the wake of the regular mortgage loans, there will be a option to delay the payment of the special social debt. The Flemish government shall decide, on a proposal from the minister for Housing and Matthias Diependaele (N-VA). A social loan can be completed with the Vlaams Woningfonds, or the Flemish Society for Social Housing by people who are below an income threshold will remain.

as A social lender may be postponement of payment ask if he can show that his income has decreased as a result of the impact of the coronavirusmaatregelen. The delay may be, as to the loan from the bank, with a maximum of six months, and relates to the repayment of principal and interest. The interest accrued during the period of suspension of payments are subsequently not charged.

After a period of suspension of payments, the term of the loan will be extended by the period of delay is, therefore, a maximum of six months. Also, people who are already in payment arrears were incurred before the start of the action, will be eligible for a suspension of payments.