The second coronatest was taken from the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been negative. The government was, at the beginning of the week and also tested, after that they are in contact with a doctor, who by the corona virus was found to be infected.

According to a government spokesman following the beginning of the next week to have a third party review.

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angela Merkel is since Sunday evening in the thuisisolatie contact a doctor or the corona virus that has been infected. The doctor and the doctor gave it to her Friday afternoon for a vaccination against the pneumococcus, and it turned out to be infected. Merkel went on, after she had been heard, directly inside the application.

The chancellor received the news of the infection by the doctor, Sunday evenings, to hear, once in a press conference explanation was given on the new measures to be taken against the corona virus.

angela Merkel is in seclusion in her apartment in Berlin, germany. The federal chancellor’s office will continue to work from home. The head of government is healthy and shows no symptoms, and let her deputy, Olaf Scholz already know about it.