Then, the NBA in mid-march of its season is postponed, she took first place with a time schedule of 30 days. The hope was, at that time, that the corona virus would be restricted to races in the middle of april to resume the postseizoen under relatively normal conditions to make it happen, even if the fans will not have access to the arenas. But now, with the recent outbreak in the United States continues to increase, the competition, other arrangements might be considered.

According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, to prepare for the competition, being as it’s the season to be canceled. “The talks between the spelersvakbond the LEAGUE this week, made it clear that they will have a way to search for a permanent cessation of the season, he said is a Fact . “Now, if they don’t have that yet, and the way in which they negotiate, they do not, however, an option. But they don’t have discussions about how the league can continue, they have to have a financial conversation about what would happen when the season comes to a halt, and I think that there is a lot of pessimism is. “

the trouble is working on an updated season to prevent this from happening, include in the limited testing facilities, problems which can be retrieved in quarantine in a single location, as well as the integrity of next year.

“A big part of it is, indeed, a test. We have had all the tests don’t work. At a given point in time, there should not be a diagnostic test that is quick and can evaluate if a player is not healthy enough to make it to the game, but you have to know whether the tests that are available, and you can’t get them away from the people who need them, and so, for now, is that it is not. It is far too early to make at this point is something final, so to say. Preliminary try out for the NBA and the union to negotiate a pay cut that the burden of lost revenue is fairly split between the league and its players. For the rest of this season and next season, in order to be viable,the two parties have to agree to a change in financial structure, in which the gravity of the situation, it is to be recognized. A logistics point of view would be to hold it by the end of the season to the end of August or in september for the next season is going to be later to get it. Christmas time is in the number of reports referred to it as a potential start date for the year 2020-21. If this is the case, would the NBA be forced to turn to the schedule to compress it to get enough games in to a campaign, with a view to moving the scheme to its original condition, at 2021-22, or in the schedule in permanent pages, so that it will be in december and will begin and end at the end of the summer, such as the League, even prior to the crisis have been discussed. The competition is putting billions of dollars at stake. If it’s at all possible, it will help you save money is by sort of a “post-season” to the “court” of. However, now that the day is becoming less and less likely, it only makes sense that the national basketball association (NBA, at the very least start thinking about what kind of a world, a europe 2020 champion are going to be able to see it.”