We will be playing in the coronatijden and less on the lottery, and feel that they are on the National Lottery. The revenue is there, with nearly thirty percent. The prize money will have no effect. However, the Lottery will take measures to the players, the vendors and the charities that they support, to help them. If the validity period of the winning tickets pulled up, and some of the costs for a newsagents to be deferred.

the players

First of all, the period of validity of a winning ticket with a ten-week period is extended, from twenty to thirty weeks. “We don’t want people to lose their profits are going to collect, because the expiry date is approaching”, says a spokesperson for the police Joke Vermoere. The measure will apply for the tickets a few months ago, and the tickets are now being bought.

if you want more than the hundreds of thousands of euros to win, don’t have to move it to the head office in Brussels, belgium. “Recently, we had a winner of a two-million-euro, who does not want to go to Brussels. Therefore, we sent a man to the ticket-on-to-get, of course, with the same guarantees of anonymity.”

lotto players will be using the newsagents will also be moved to be the ten editions of the one-time charge in order to ensure that she would be leaving. “We know that there are a fixed number of customers who would like a weekly basis of their form, come to bring. They can have a chat, and you will have each and every week and that’s the exciting moment where I’ve won or not. But, due to the successive editions of the play, is used to motivate the people to stay at home.”

as For the prize money, the lower income don’t have consequences. That will continue to be guaranteed. “We speelpotfonds is regulated by law. The money comes from the players, and have to go back to the players. We may, for example, surgical masks to buy.”

with regard To the points of sale.

now, The National Lottery, is mainly in the newsagents for a push in the right direction, and that are hard. “Normally they only take a commission from a weekomzet more than one hundred euros. That’s a minimum of let us now. And, if there is instant games from the sale go to the shops, that is normally seen in a one-time refund, but the billing will be delayed.”

now, on To the news agents are also posters that ask customers away, and not too much time in the shop to keep your own pen to fill out the form, and not have the cash to pay for it. Traders will also receive a fifty euro to cover costs for the handgels, gloves and a plexiglass cover.

For charity.

According to the spokesperson, Joke Vermoere are a lot of organizations are concerned that, with the support of the National Lottery, will be omitted. “The organization of the Special Olympics has already invested heavily in the national games held in may, would take place in Antwerp, belgium. Those games are going to be out, but, of course, the organization can still rely on the promised aid. This is also true for most other organisations to which we have committed ourselves to have it.”

the Special editions, for the benefit of the fight against the corona virus, there is not. “We have to understand is that a lot of people out there in these tough times, not in the mood for it. I think that the National Lottery, primarily for continuity must be guaranteed. There are a lot of people who depend on us.”

for More on the National Lottery, do you Want a Lottery jackpot to yourself? Play this combination in particular is not Open VLD, wants the proceeds of the Lotto to bet against the sale of 5 million Lottowinst picked up Each and every year, 5 million euro, Lottery winnings are not picked up: how can that be, and what will happen to the money?