Daniel Onggowinarso, the managing Director of the caravanning industry Association Germany (CVID), remains optimistic that the affected in the long term, the travel and the desire to buy. FOCUS Online asked him three questions about the future of the industry.

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Mr Onggowinarso, the Coronavirus is sending the economy into a deep crisis. Particularly the travel and tourism industry was hit hard. And in the cars of the paragraph will be reduced considerably. How do you see the Caravaning industry in this Situation set up?

Daniel Onggowinarso: From the Manufacturer perspective, it is noted that all of the plants in Germany and many in Europe now continues to produce. Crucial to ensure that this remains so, on the one hand is the rigorous intra-Enforce the operational protection and prevention measures, but especially the maintenance of supply chains. As long as this is achieved, no one can predict serious, the Situation is very dynamic and can change minute by minute. CVID Daniel Onggowinarso, managing Director of the caravanning industry Association Germany (CVID)

began Building on the Momentum of the last months of the current calendar year, brilliant again with a strong new registrations. Although the one or other customer will not move probably due to the current restrictions on buying projects in the short term, we expect a long-term decline in desire to travel. Rather busy for us as we can satisfy these, especially against the Background that currently, in many places, the season kick-off events from retailers and manufacturers delayed or cancelled and many commercial establishments must be temporarily completely closed. Pimp my caravan – Camp car PCP Pimp my camper – Camp

this Could mean a final end to the boom? Or you can after the end of the pandemic directly back to the record-breaking build?

We are looking for strong previous months and filled order books, which deal with the manufacturer for a few weeks. How the Coronavirus affects the additional demand for recreational vehicles can currently not be predicted reliably. Many of our customers are fulfilled with the purchase of a motorhome or caravan a lifelong dream, they planned and saved to have. It could come to a postponement, but also against the Background of the lack of alternative travel options, we assume that the purchase considerations to be sustainable and long-term affects of the current Coronavirus pandemic. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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in Principle, we expect that individual forms of tourism such as caravanning are better come from the acute Corona-crisis as a travel forms based on the use of mass transportation and, currently, a significant image know damage. We are, therefore, in the long term, relatively optimistic.

Are there any insights into how campers deal with the current Situation?

at Least in the short term, the caravanning-tourism will be affected due to government – imposed measures and significant limitations in movement and freedom to travel is strong. Add to this the closure of all leisure facilities, in part, to the gastronomy and retail sector, and not least of the Camping and motorhome pitches in many Parts of Germany and Europe, what makes a caravan holiday at present, almost across the Board is impossible. It is, therefore, to significant cancellations of rentals of amusement before standing vehicles. No one knows how long this state will persist. We are still outside of the caravanning season, it remains to be seen how the Situation in the next few weeks, when the season is in its hot Phase, developed. “Not understand it”: Pocher many German speaks in Corona, crisis of the soul, FOCUS Online/Wochit “not understand it”: Pocher many German speaks in Corona, crisis of the soul

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