The Italian cycling federation decided, Sunday, that the Italian championship will not take place on Sunday, June 21. With the CHAMPIONSHIP in Koksijde at the belgian coast (in time trials) and the Anzegem road, it seems a similar fate is to be short-lived. “It is not yet officially suspended, but we have to realize that a miracle has to happen to make it in June, with a championship organization,” says Jos Smets, director of the Belgian cycling federation.

the Girl Vandecapelle.

on Thursday, June 18 at c. c. in the time trial. On Sunday, June 21, at Anzegem in the road race. For example, the Belgian championship is planned at the cycling calendar. They are still there, but it’s a chance for them to be effective and will continue to progress, it is small. “We have to be realistic. The risk is that the PA, in June, to continue, it is almost zero. We are still waiting for the verdict of the national security council of today and tomorrow, but what a miracle has to happen to make it on the scheduled dates of a championship organization. Until now, we have no statements from the international cycling union (UCI), but we have already been in contact with the local organisations of the c. c. and in Anzegem to have fallbacks to a different area,” says Jos Smets, director of the Belgian cycling federation.

Waiting for the Tour.

as for the cancelled cycle races is a new date for the CHAMPIONSHIP is no easy feat. For the national championships in Europe, will provide the UCI each year there is a weekend in which no new course should be organized so that all participants in the championship of their country, at the start of may. “We have been contacted by the UCI, but be aware that we will have to wait until there is clarity on the Tour de france. Only when the fixed state, and when the Tour will take place, it can be used to check for a new date for the national championships,” said Smets.
More about the BELGIAN Championships, surprising the champion. Tim Merlier: “A last good piss off, and all signs of nervousness gone,” Wout van Aert, after the third place in the CHAMPIONSHIP: “They had better have a month to wait for Tim as a pro, to make the ANALYSIS. There are only the two brothers, Roodhooft, the story of the De Clercq on Merlier heard Tim Merlier “everything needs to have a little bit of it sink in,” that is, Aert, and Evenepoel was rather difficult course again.”