Corona has us firmly in Hand – at Home is the motto of the hour is to stay. The well Arnold Schwarzenegger-and-white. On the social channels, such as, for example, on Instagram @schwarzenegger, he addresses the current Situation and calls for calm: “Some things we just don’t have in Hand.” What we have in Hand, is our physical Fitness during a pandemic. That’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger shares his personal Fitness Plan that helped him for decades to the biggest Successes.

Training with your own body weight

Long years before Arnold Schwarzenegger became the legend that he is today, everything began near a small lake in Austria. There, the Hollywood star-trained-namely, once in the open, did his daily pushups on the lake shore, and the pull-UPS easy on a Branch.

Bodyweight, or Calisthenics are therefore in keeping with Tradition, to black-and-Eggers absolute favorites. His motto until today, “You don’t need a gym to be in Shape!” All you need is your own body and a few pieces of furniture for support.

On what it is that you can Work out at home?

Here, Arnie has a very clear premise: the repetitions are important, of course. And he also gives tips how many you should create. But It is even more important, every single Exercise in perfection and not self-trick. Because the correct Execution is essential for the training success.

are you an absolute beginner? Then you get used to in the early rounds of the movements and do not pay attention too much on the repetitions. The goal should not be to get such bad muscle aches that you can’t train for three days.

don’t underestimate The breathing Exercise

Right breathing is the Work-out to. As a simple rule of thumb: When resistance (i.e., if the Exercise is strenuous it is) exhale, then inhale. The Sit-up, for example, this means that When you pull up, Exhale, when you Drop inhalation. The disadvantage of Indoor Training is that we, of course, the less oxygen is available than at a Work-out in the fresh air. Arnies tip: The oxygen supply of Vitamin E-rich food (e.g., nuts or flax seeds) help!

Work-out with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Here are the Exercises that will allow you to stay in your Home, Office fit-the System is quite simple, a special order must be followed:

Fitness-Exercise #1: Push-ups

for This purpose, the hands approximately shoulder-to place wide on the floor. The body is completely straight and then pushed to the top. If you go back towards the ground, it is important that neither the legs, belly and head touch the floor of the chest, however.

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beginners try 25 repetitions, Advanced should get to 50 reps. This can be managed in different Sets. So at 50 reps you can do 10 x 5, 5 x 10 or 2 x 25 – according to your Fitness Level.

Fitness-Exercise #2: Dips between two chairs

need two stable (!) Chairs that can bear your weight. To deal with the Lean to the inside in parallel to each other, about shoulder width. Now imagine yourself in the middle, cover the chair backs. The arms are straight, the knees bent. You can now, very slowly, down without going too far into a front location to get. Then you push slowly back up. GQ Fitness

beginners do 20 reps, Advanced 50.

Fitness-Exercise #3: rowing between chairs

this Exercises trains the muscles of the back. For this, you take your two chairs from Exercise #2 and now in a distance of 1.5 meters side by side and put a messiven broom handle about this. You lie under the broomstick to the ground, grab it and pull yourself up to handle high – heels remain on the ground, the body is completely straight.

30 repetitions for beginners, 50 reps for Advanced.

Fitness-Exercise #4: Sit-ups with bent knees

Anchor your feet under a piece of furniture (maybe the Couch), to bend the legs (like in the photo), and then drag the torso to the knees. GQ Fitness

beginners are based on 30 repetitions should be Advanced to create 100.

Fitness-Exercise #5: leg raise with bent knees

For this Exercise, you lie flat on the ground, the body is stretched. The hands under the butt, the chin on the chest. So far, so good. Now pull up your knees to your chest and stretch, then slowly again. GQ Fitness

beginners do 25 reps, advanced 50.

fitness exercise #6: rotate the Torso

Here is the broom stick comes to use, be trained to the lateral abdominal muscles: The stick behind the neck with a wide grip hold, the legs are slightly shoulder width. Now bend the torso forward until it is parallel to the ground. This is now in semi-circles, alternating from left-to-right and right-to-left turn. The end of the Broomstick should be touching your feet in the process.

beginners do 25 reps, Advanced 50.

Fitness-Exercise #7: squats with elevated heels

A good variant of the classic squats! This is simply a location, for example a book, under the heels and then squat. The hands you can lift like in the side of the hips. Important: the torso and back remain at the Exercise completely upright and straight.

beginners do 25 reps, Advanced 50 to 70.

Fitness-Exercise #8: calf raise

The book you can leave for the next Exercise right there, right now the toes on it but. Hold on tight for a better balance in a chair. The feet are parallel and only a few inches apart. Now the heels toward the floor and then back up until you are on tiptoe.

beginners do 25 reps, Advanced 50.

Fitness-Exercise #9: pull-UPS Chin-ups

for This, you need a chin-up bar. (For more on self-mounted chin-up bar you can read here) Arnie recommends first, a tight grip, that means that the hands are about 30 inches apart. Then the classic pull-up With straight arms to the bar, hang, then pull yourself up until the chin over the bar is before you can back down. Pull-UPS are a super effective Exercise for the biceps. But: don’t cheat – always the complete sequence of movements to perform!

10 reps for beginners, 30 reps for Advanced.

To the completion of a light Cardio workout, don’t forget to bring the pulse back on top again. For example, Jogging (read here all about Jogging in these times of Corona) – and the else-Not even in your home on the spot.

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