But not only that Dancing is prohibited on good Friday, and there is also a kind of “red list” the films may not be shown on silent holidays. Among other things, this “Heidi in the mountains”, contains a “Dead pants”documentation, “Terminator”, “The Expendables” or “Ghostbusters”.

On the list of films that have received from the “voluntary self-control of the film industry” (FSK) no holiday release to land, because they stand out due to blasphemy or immoral behavior. Meanwhile, there are around 700 pieces. But “Heidi in the mountains”?

The classic is on the list, because according to the “world” the filmmakers simply forgot to apply for a holiday release. This needs to be made to the rating applied for, and was forgotten in previous decades, more and more often.

Perception of the consumers

changes compared to the 50s which account for 60 percent of the films were considered “holiday-free”, it was between 2010 and 2015, only one percent were prohibited. The FSK reason for this is that value – and norm perceptions had changed over time.

“This situation is an expression of a change of social value and norm conceptions in terms of media consumption to the legally protected quiet holidays.”

But also of media consumption have influence on the decisions: “While in the 50s, next to the cinema as a place of public demonstration, only the public broadcasting films made accessible to students today, a whole range of channels – from image-makers with regard to private broadcasters and Pay-TV providers and Video-On-Demand Offered for the film consumption,” writes the FSK.

decision a long time but not forever carved in stone

movies that have not received a holiday release, may only provide to ten years, again a request for release. It might work in hindsight again shows the example of the classic “Feuerzangenbowle”.

it was in 1952, not a holiday release, because of the “lust pielhafte character,” according to the Commission, “said the seriousness of the silent holidays cons”. 26 years later, when the Film was re-submitted for examination, it does not changed the FSK, only the age rating of twelve years to six years, but also gave the holiday release.

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