over a year Ago, the former Siemens boss Klaus Kleinfeld went to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman appointed him to be the head of a gigantic project: The Red sea is a futuristic mega-city called “Neom should be stamped” off the ground, in the sectors such as biotechnology, energy, and water or media to settle. $ 500 billion (425 billion euros) provided by the Saudis.

In July, the crown Prince brought the German Manager still closer to himself, made him his chief economic Advisor. The 60-Year-old should contribute to this, among other things, the reconstruction of the Saudi economy, it said.

Kleinfeld thinks about the case, Khashoggi?

That human rights do not apply in Saudi Arabia a lot of, is likely to be five also a year ago, but the affair of the disappeared journalist Jamal Khashoggi has led the world to the ruthlessness of the monarchical state once again.

According to a report in the “Bild”newspaper is the top Executive but sees no reason his consulting work. From Kleinfelds environment had not been to hear that he has been thinking about the case much, a dismissal was reasonable, however. A spokesman for the “image”newspaper: “Mr. Kleinfeld has a strong opinion on the case of Khashoggi that he has articulated as a personality, is respected, also. It is achieved more by you can talk to the things as merely symbolic absence that does not hold already for a long time. It is also more backbone.“

Kleinfeld seems to be the Prince to see as a Reformer

as Kleinfeld a year ago to Saudi Arabia went, he wanted to toast there for a change. He had gone to the idea behind the mega city of “Neom”, to hear from his environment, writes the “image”-newspaper. Money he can earn elsewhere.

The project “Neom” is considered to be part of the reform agenda of the Saudi crown Prince. The city is to be developed “independently of the existing state frameworks of the Kingdom”, this was the Start of the project. The same is true for “social Innovation”. So are women allowed to move, for example, without a male companion in Public, and no obfuscation.

But whether the Reform announcements, a serious will, is controversial. Critics accuse the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman human rights violations. The 32-Year-old is regarded as the mastermind of a wave of arrests against Prince last year, which had been accused of corruption. Observers evaluated the detentions as an attempt of Mohammed, to secure his Power.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Saudis new Version: Now Khashoggi is said to have been accidentally strangled his pto/with Agency material