What a career: The first Skoda Octavia Combi under VW direction was compared to 24 years ago, with models of the Renault subsidiary Dacia, or Daewoo from Korea. And today? Three years ago, the Octavia in Switzerland kicked the VW Golf as an absolute best seller from the throne – after more than 40 years of reign. Because the interior ambience has nothing to do with the brittle plastic of the early years. And instead of the price the Design of the main is long purchase reason for Skoda customers, says CEO Bernhard Maier.

On the 23. April comes to the new Generation and make the next big steps. Most important Change: Ready-made sedan in Switzerland – you have been ordered to date, less than one percent of the customers. Ade, gear selector lever by a tiny chrome lever, the drive will be loaded levels now by an electric impulse instead of mechanical. By ten-inch touch screen, most functions are controlled with Apps on the Smartphone. And a App gives Octavia-remote access.

All things digital

Virtual Cockpit, Head-Up Display, Full-Matrix LED light or distance wizard up to 210 km/h, the Octavia rolls on a par with the VW Golf and co., was 24 years ago is still unthinkable. Everything, of course, from the parent company VW, such as the Touch-slider at the bottom of the monitor, you can adjust the temperature or volume. Looks like a rain gutter. But you could control the volume on the steering Wheel. 14 buttons and Knobs in the Valance seem to be a bit exuberant, but are also convenient because you do not need to take the hands to Operate the control. You do not, surrounds this longer is by the way launched an Emergency stop.

Tangible driving programs

he can Ride by the way: We go with the Zweilliter-Diesel with 150 HP on the test round. The corresponds of course with the Euro 6; the exhaust gas is treated in the same way two times with urea versus nitrogen oxides. An easy starting weakness is noticeable, but the Octavia convinced with, in the best sense of normal driving behavior. Much better: The new steering system circles the five-seater is significantly more precise around the corners. The spread of the driving modes from Eco to Sport is clear; the suspension remains on the comfortable side. Right for a family car.

One remained the same compared to the previous: as much space as the Octavia no other offers in this class. With 4,69 meters, the Combi is two inches longer. In the rear you can do it at long distances, really comfortable and the boot has 30 litres more volume (640 to 1700 liters). However, Even at the prices Skoda in 24 years. For market start to go at 30’940 francs. All-wheel drive, Plug-In Hybrids and other drives will follow later.

Skoda Octavia Combi

1.5-R4-turbo petrol engine, 150 HP (110 kW), 2.0-R4-Turbodiesel, 115 or 150 HP (85 or 110 kW), front-wheel drive
performance: from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.3 to 10.4 s, top 205 to 224 km/h
weight: L/B/H = 4,69/1,83/1,47 m, 1295 kg, Trunk 640-1700 l
consumption: factory 4.7 to 6.7 l/100 km, 124 to 153 g CO2/km, energy A (Diesel) and (gasoline)
price: 30’940 Fr.
competitors: Ford Focus Turnier, Renault Megane grandtour, Seat Leon station wagon, and others