He loves the ease of Lucerne, he spends his leisure time preferably in the mountains. You might think that “Alps-Gosling” Marco Kunz (33) make a big bow to the urbane of Zurich. But his wife, Jenny (28) has relocated for the sake of his place of residence in the city of Zurich. And not only that, Even his rehearsal room is located in the vibrant district 4, right next to the cross street.

samples in the air-RAID shelter

“We’ve been really lucky to find such a Central band room”, the Luzerner singer. “The neighborhood is revitalized. You eat well, there is always something going on, and we treat ourselves to a sample of a beer.” The workshop of the singer is situated directly at the Helvetia place in an air-RAID shelter. “Music colleagues envy me to this location. Either sample the local are to be found far outside of urban cores, or you have to give to the neighbors.”

Cool to celebrate and Work

Nevertheless, to live in the “Chreis Cheib”, for Kunz in question. “The neighborhood is cool to celebrate, but here’s the matter for me is definitely too much.” That’s why he lives with his wife situated. Forever Kunz does not want to stay in Zurich. “I’m a homesick-Lucerne.”

Kunz grew up in Mauensee LU, he appreciates the proximity to the mountains, his wedding, he celebrated in September, on the Rigi. A Bumpkin he is not but because of this: “I’m a Mix of country and city person. Finally, Lucerne is also a city, but not so hectic.” And clarifies: “Zurich is not so bad as many think. And that Zurich’s arrogant is a nasty rumor!”