Wendy Holdener is laughing, has a laid back, relaxed. She enjoys to wear for the first time in her life, a Kimono, a traditional Japanese costume. In this Moment, snow, skiing and the struggle for hundredths of miles far away. “Since I’m in the world Cup, I never made it right, long vacation. After the last Winter I was burned out but. That’s why I’m no longer in hiding than usual,” she says. Meanwhile, Wendy showed up again. At home in Unteriberg SZ you excited about your four-week Asia Trip after the Ski season.

“more Brutal than High Heels”

Where you hooked the same: “The image of the Kimono is deceptive. It was a cool experience – alone, the Dress took almost an hour. What you don’t see, but I have also suffered.” Why? “The plastic sandals which belong to the costume, and made me ready. They were rock hard, and I walked around for three hours. More brutal than High Heels,” says Wendy, laughing.

in addition to Japan, the Olympic champion traveled to Thailand. “Since I was on the famous “Full Moon Party” in Koh Phangan. The biggest Party in the world,” says Holdener. Everything is super, “only it was a little to hot temperatures for my taste”. Wendy also attended her brother Steve in Hong Kong, saw in Japan, Sumo wrestlers (“Our wavers are already of much the athlete”) and clambered over the great wall of China. “Crazy, such a thickness of the wall, over thousands of kilometres, built in the countryside – with no machines, nothing. It was exhausting, went up and down. A good workout.”

visit to the Olympic champion wall

With her second brother, Kevin. And in China, her longtime boyfriend Nico Caprez. With him explored Holdener Beijing and the Olympic site of the 2008 summer games. As Tennis Fans, you were also in front of the Olympic Champions wall, where Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka are immortalized.

without the athletic component Holdeners Beijing visit was not so. Because there in 2022, the Olympic winter games to be held, she wanted to deal early on with the country and its people. As before the Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang, when they traveled to South Korea.

“as a result, I don’t have the feeling to miss during the games something. Then I have no time for such things,” she says. A good Omen, finally, Wendy took in Pyeongchang Gold, silver and Bronze.