All just call him “de Ueli”. Is meant Ueli Elsener, 53, a trained butcher. He does not want to say it, but he is too modest. But many others in the fan club Wendy Holdener speak out: “The Ueli is the biggest Wendy Fan in this world.”

In the interview, the evaluation is confirmed. Although Elsener joined only two years ago, the fan club (450 members), but it has always been a huge follower Holdeners. “She is down-to-earth and open. I don’t expect anything from her – but when she comes over for a photo and a chat, this is beautiful.”

the 25-Year-old after her world title in the combined. Promptly roll at Elsener, the tears. So, as shortly after the Gold run. “The organizers have put up a Warning sign in the stands: caution, slippery! I was in the freezing cold, crying like a baby.”

“Always the moon”

Holdener self-aware of how much she means to Elsener. “He is always excited when he sees me. And thanks, that he can see.” Those who think, however, that Ueli would only cheer with a full heart, you are mistaken. At home in Edlibach, ZG revolves a lot around the freshly crowned double-world champion. He has two folders full of newspaper reports, three photo books, and any Fan-article that you can imagine.

But that’s not all. Elsener increases regularly, Wendy-pictures and hang them up at a gate in the warehouse of his brother. Several a personal dedication from Wendy. There is only one Problem: The more success Holdener, celebrates the close of the course. “I’m going to another gate,” says Elsener, laughing.

Holdener feels flattered. “Ueli always stressed how much I and the fan club of his life have enriched. It is incredibly nice to hear something like that.”