Until a few weeks ago, Carlo Janka was happy as never before. The Iceman unfroze literally, because to him his sweetheart Jenny at the 4. September, a healthy daughter Named Ellie gave. But also sporty, it seemed the overall winner of the world Cup of the 2009/10 season to run at last really well. After the Grisons, in the spring of detoxified his body with a seaweed-Broccoli-salad-Kur, he convinced at the end of July with strong endurance and strength values.

“I Carlo’ve known for four years. But as strong as it is now, I have never seen him,” said ice hockey Star Nino Niederreiter, who is trained in the summer regularly with Janka condition, at the end of July to VIEW.

“Zwick in the back”

However, this optimism is in the Janka Clan in the meantime, the frustration gone. Last week, the former giant slalom world champion and Olympic champion, wanted to train with his Swiss Ski teammates on the glacier in Zermatt.

But had to leave after two days, the soon to be 33-Year-old due to coarser back pain again. “Carlo has already received a couple of weeks ago in a kind of speed-Training a Zwick in the back” told his conditioning coach, Michael Bont. “We have omitted, in days, after that, deliberately heavy Weights in the strength training and I had the impression that Carlos is back, well rested. But, unfortunately, the back have reported problems in the last on-snow training back.”

distraction with the daughter

How do we go from here? Bont will now undergo a special training with Janka, without the back weight the loss of muscle mass can be prevented to load. Next week, Janka would like to take the skiing Training. “I’m glad Carlo in this sporty difficult Phase has a really strong Hold. The handling of his sweet daughter, bring him on other thoughts. Will do Carlo good,” believes Michael Bont.

In Janka environment is no longer spraying but all the optimism. In the case of Swiss Ski, less and less people believe that the body of this brilliant skiers once again makes peak performance possible.