Almost Dominik Paris (29) could have tripped over his big Talent. “In my youth, I was Training faster than those who have really worked hard,” says the South Tyrol. “And because I believed that it would continue to do so, I kept my dubious life style over the years.”

However, shortly after the 18. Birthday Paris is able to turn. “Because I fed mainly with beer, Pasta and Pizza, I suddenly 109 pounds on the scale. I was physically in such a bad state that I was not able to implement on the Ski, the what went previously easily.”

Paris, it is clear that he must change his life fundamentally. So he comes in to the temptation to draw every night with his buddies from Bar to Bar, he spends the summer of 2006 as a cow, and a sheep shepherd on a Alp in Splügen. “Through daily work and the many mountain runs I took during this summer’s 14 pounds.”

Feuz and Norway, the fits!

in the Meantime, Paris weighs 103 pounds. Instead of beer belly, he presents but magnificent muscles. And the Papa of an eight-month-old boy named Niko is allowed to talk now of a “dream Winter”. After victories in Bormio and Kitzbuehel, he was in Are world champion in Super-G.

His chances on the downhill globe but are manageable. As Beat Feuz is two races before the end of 100 points in front of him. Therefore, Paris is in need of on Saturday in Kvitfjell necessarily a victory. However, our ball lightning to hit Norway hard. 2011 Feuz celebrated in Kvitfjell his first world Cup victory in 2018, he raced in the downhill and Super-G rank two.

Paris in the Training faster

In the only downhill Training run on Friday, Paris is faster on the move: The 29-Year-old classified as a Seventh 43 hundredths of a second behind local hero Kjetil Jansrud. Beat Feuz lands of 1.64 seconds behind in 36th place – a Region, in which the ball lightning in the race hardly to be found. Best Swiss Mauro Caviezel is in Eighth, behind Niels behind a man, (27.), Nils Mani (29.), Feuz and Carlo Janka (37.).

Curiously enough, The seats 45 to 50 will be closed and occupied by the Swiss. There Thomas Tumler, Gilles Roulin, the world Cup debutant Lars Rösti, Urs Kryenbühl, Gino Caviezel and Stefan Rogentin classification. Stragglers Marco or Matt is 52.