With four world Cup victories and four world championship gold medals and an Olympic victory is Pirmin Zurbriggen, the most successful Swiss ski racer of all time. Now the Valais is the Swiss championship on the Hoch Ybrig as a supervisor.

in addition to the world Cup-proven Elia (28) is also Pirmins youngest offspring, Alain (20) in the giant Slalom at the Start. Alain has prepared last summer under the guidance of his father in new Zealand and Australia, the European Winter and has triumphed three weeks ago in Italy in a FIS giant slalom.

On the SM start lists, but there are still a lot more sounding name. Particularly catching the eye in addition to Mike from Grünigens son Noel Tim Lüscher (28), the Junior from France Slalom-Queen Fabienne Serrat (62) and the Thurgau, Peter Lüscher (62), which triumphed in the season of 1978/79, the first Skigenosse in the overall world Cup.

Or Joel Oehrli (20), whose father Gusti (56) in 1986 at the world Cup downhill took place in Morzine, in the second rank. Joel belonged to until two years ago, the biggest hopes for the future of Swiss skiing, before he was weakened by mononucleosis and from the C-squad thrown. Now Oehrli continue to fight on their own account.

Marco Reymond (24), whose mother is the six-times world champion Erika Hess, similar to the hard times experienced. But the Canton of Vaud has made the leap back to the Swiss Ski Team and expects especially in the Slalom, chances of getting a SM-coin.

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