change to the coach Position is not in the Ski Sport, normally for big headlines. The time is different! With Reto Nydegger (44) changes the Builder of the Super-moose from Norway to Switzerland. He is replaced in the case of Swiss Ski, the withdrawing Speed in-chief Andy Evers, which in turn is departure coach in Germany.

Nydegger returns with a bulging Palmarès in Switzerland. In the last four years, he has celebrated successes with Aksel Svindal, Kjetil Jansrud and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. Specifically: of the 24 world Cup victories, three Olympic and world championship medals as well as three small-world-Cup-balls. “It is our absolute desire solution,” said Alpine CEO Stéphane Cattin about the Bernese Oberland.

“The task is in the Swiss Ski appeals to me very much,”

let us remember: Nydegger left in 2013, the Swiss Ski, because you had set at that time with Rudi Huber, Walter Hlebayna and Walter Hubmann three Austrians in front of the nose. Now he is back. “The departure from Norway took me a long time, this Team was like a family for me. But the task at Swiss Ski irritates me very much.”

at the same time, the question arises: Is Nydegger, the man who brings Carlo Janka back on track? After all, the Obersaxer (32) had the botched world Cup in Are (Sd) in February, the lack of atmosphere in the Team (“you are dead!”) complained.

A whip he said not necessarily. This is not the calm, level-headed Nydegger. Janka at the time: “The Norwegians have a great atmosphere. But unfortunately we do not have the cohesion that it needs in order to be successful as a Team.”

The Janka indirectly promised Nydegger is now back. Men-Chef Tom Stauffer: “Reto radiates a certain Serenity. I am convinced that we will work very well together.”