How to get into the national squad of Swiss-Ski? With strong results. By the bare Numbers. Now Rahel Kopp (25) emerges from next season in the Swiss Top squad. The St. Galleries will be transported directly from the B-squad, though they took last Winter, just 50 world Cup points. In return, Joana Hählen from the Nati flies – even though you have more points (255:50) and Top-15 results (7:1) as coupling, and as Best result a 4. Place.

The reason for this policy lies with the Swiss Selection in the combo. As a Top-10 place in the world Cup ranges start list for the Nati. Since Kopp is Eighth, Hählen, however, reached neither in the downhill in the Super-G the Nati-default, (Top 15), it is twice 18.

“Bitter, I’m bitter sorry for you”

For Hählen: a podium would have kept you in the Nati. These they had at the time of measurement-Chaos race in Crans-Montana, before she lost him wafer-thin. “This is bitter and I’m sorry for you,” says women’s head Beat Tschuor. “But your squad-classification is according to the guidelines correctly.”

Correct, but also correct? In Austria, for instance, it would have made Kopp never in the Nati. Gentlemen-in-chief Andi Puelacher: “In the station wagon there is a lack of races and the competition is low. Therefore, we evaluate the multi-points only half of it.” In addition, there is a need for a second strong discipline. And: The trainer’s judgment with decisions.

“Want to Combi-athletes honor”

Tschuor: “The combination has a high priority for us. According to the calendar planned in the last season three combinations. In the future, four races are scheduled. We want to athlete honor inside, the driving in this discipline.”

As a consolation, white Hählen after all: The care of remains in the A-squad the same, financial losses, there is hardly.

Kopp, however, profits from the carriage to the same level of Top-Shots as Wendy Holdener and Michelle Gisin: she gets a better car and more equipment Material. And you can sell to sponsors better. “As a result, it increases your market value,” Tschuor. For a driver, which is not conceded so far, a lot of prize money, this is a nice advantage.