There are outside the Well-Behrami-Clan hardly anyone, which Lara knows so good as Armin Meier. The former Cycling professional was from 2009 to 2014, Lara’s Manager. “I met Lara in relaxed moments, as a very warm Person,” says Meier.

In the same breath, speaks of the two-time Swiss champion is the big Problem of the Tessinerin: “Because Lara since the age of 16. The age of the Private must Finance Team, there is in these relaxed moments all too rare. On their shoulders an immense amount of pressure. And because you can’t deal with this stress is always good, it reacts, often very bitchy.”

“about time you abnabelt career of their parents”

Meier is, therefore, sure that it would be for Lara is a great opportunity if the Swiss Ski would no longer support her in Private-Team up with father Pauli as a Coach: “It would be for Lara is a big relief, if their parents Gabrielle and Pauli would have to earn your wage as before the establishment of the Private Teams in the future as a teacher. Lara is now 27. For you, it is high time that you abnabelt career of their parents.”

Especially since Meier as the Ex-husband of the three times world Cup medal winner Karin is Red, convinced, “that a complete Integration would bring to the Swiss Ski Team, Lara is also skitechnisch. Thanks to Wendy Holdener, Michelle Gisin or Corinne Suter, you would have been there in all the disciplines of the ideal comparisons in the Training.”

Frehsner believes in seamless Integration

But a woman who has trained since Childhood in the first place with their family, in the System of the Association? We ask this question of the iron Karl Frehsner. The soon 80-year-old coach Fox has worked in the past on a selective basis to Lara. “Lara could easily insert” believes, the native-born Austrians. “In any case, she has worked with me very well, although I’m a very difficult guy. And if Lara can work with me, can you weight it with all the other people…”

the word of The most successful Alpine Coaches in the world Cup history at Swiss Ski as much. It is, therefore, conceivable that the Director Markus Wolf is sitting in the next couple of days about Lara’s Well-Behramis the future, once again with Karl Frehsner.