A Winter without Lindsey Vonn. You have to get used to first time on Saturday, the new world Cup season in Soelden (Aut) begins. Also Corinne Suter (25) has trouble with the idea. “Lindsey was always my Idol. I shall miss her very much,” the Schwyzerin.

At the last meeting of the outgoing Ski-Queen of the USA Suter remembers particularly fond of. Eight months ago, said on 10. February 2019, laughed the two Speed Specialists from the world Cup podium in Are, (Sd). Suter with the silver, Vonn the bronze medal in the downhill. “Lindsey’s dog Lucy was also there, we had it really fun.”

In Suter’s words, sadness resonates. At the same time you must not think too much, needs to focus on your next task – the giant slalom on the Rettenbach glacier. “How please?”, will think of some now, “why only Suter moves suddenly, the giant slalom?” Actually, the Speed specialist, was in her last world Cup giant (Aspen, USA) – just and tender 18-year-old.

“Vonn has lived up to your light-heartedness”

The answer is multi-layered. Firstly, Suter took in the last season, more than 500 start list points, making it equal to the Top 30 is allowed to start. It has a relatively good snow conditions. Secondly, Suter coached most recently at the Rennhang in Sölden and left a good impression. Technology Coach Alois Prenn: “you could overcome the steep slope well, I like that.” And thirdly, Up to Suter’s next world Cup appearance in Lake Louise (Ka) at the beginning of December remains a lot of time – you still have enough time to prepare.

Vonn Back. Skitechnisch Suter had surpassed the American in the last Winter already clear. However, there is a property, which would apply to the intra-Swiss the likes of the 82-times world Cup winner is. “Your Light-Heartedness. She has lived fully, the man has seen.” Your the lacking sometimes, so Suter. “Sometimes I’m in front of the Start in the Tunnel, do not look to the left or to the right. It would help me perhaps to be the Start of something more open and loose. Lindsey self to come to me to chat – that was a great class.”