Who is watching these days are the Swiss Abfahrern in Training on the glacier in Zermatt, and can detect a lot of Positives. Team-Leader Beat Feuz (32) is presented approximately six weeks before the Speed world Cup opener in Lake Louise (Ka) in a very good shape. Mauro Caviezel (31), which runs a constant good times and the Zurich Niels behind man (24) seems to have been in the last few months, in technical terms, a big step forward.

In the Team of the new departure, the heads of Reto Nydegger, there are also two grief boys. Marc Gisin not dare to ten months after his Horror-departure in Val Gardena (It) is still the Limit and Carlo Janka has lost due to pain on the cross training days.

Brilliant trips – then the Zwick

review: Up in August, everything points to the fact that the last Swiss overall world Cup winner (season 2009/10) can continue to be back for the achievements of his best days. He did not and convinced physically fit as long in the first snow of the year training with brilliant rides.

But then a sharp pinch in the back of the Iceman in a Quickness Training, of which the father of the six-month-old girl, Ellie, up to now not completely recovered. While his team colleagues are already puts last week into training Camp on the little Matterhorn, was Janka take the trip of Obersaxen and into the Valais region on Tuesday.

“He seems a little stiff”

After all: On Wednesday Janka to back a sliding curves workout. “Carlo is still a bit stiff. But for the Moment I’m glad he can be back on the Ski,” says Swiss-Ski-men-in-chief Tom Stauffer. The question of how the Janka its training backlog to for 9 turns. November scheduled departure to catch up to North America?

“If his back holds out, we plan for Carlo in the coming weeks, a training block on the glacier in Saas Fee.” Janka trainers agree that your “Iceman” because of his skiing technique, less training required than many other racers. Therefore, the hope is that the Ski Nation may experience in the coming Winter, perhaps, but still a really strong Carlo Janka lives.