the year is 1992. In the USA, Bill Clinton in the election for President against George Bush senior, the Swiss people said no to the EEA-accession, Denmark wins a sensational Final of the European football championship against world champion Germany.

A special role is also played by Paul Accola plays this year. At the Olympic Games in Albertville (Fr) if the angular Davos as the big Gold favourite in adverse conditions in the Slalom, reversing and buries then angry, his start number in the snow.

Six weeks later, Accola, still, in the enjoyment of a Happy ending – he wins the overall world Cup and is the main responsible, that the Swiss men are also triumph in the Nations Cup. Sad but true: Since the Austrians won at this rating without exception.

Hirscher is hard

But missing from this season of our success-kissed neighbours, not for the first time in a long time confident of victory. “After the resignation of Marcel Hirscher, it is for our men to be difficult to win the Nations standings,” said AUSTRIAN ski Federation Peter schröcksnadel in the ORF. The fact is that Without the 1558 points from Hirscher, the Austrians had already landed in the last season, behind the Swiss.

And our Skigenossen are likely to feature strongly in the coming Winter even more. In the Slalom we have with Ramon Zenhäusern, and Daniel Yule two victory riders, Marco or Matt and Loïc Meillards have the class to giant success. And in the Speed disciplines, Niels behind the man, Gilles Roulin and juniors to develop in addition to Beat Feuz and Mauro Caviezel-world champion Lars Rösti promising.