Normally, the running season in the spring travel. This year, however, it runs, output restrictions, instead of People. As it became known on Thursday that the long-distance Triathlon, Challenge Roth will take place this year. Smaller runs are stopped by the Coronavirus – including the charity run “Around the ködeltal meadows barrier” between the North half and stone. This was supposed to take place tomorrow, Sunday. Organized by the working group on Ethiopia aid and the Turnerschaft Kronach, to be collected since the year 2000 in donations for the organization “Foundation for people, for the people – Karlheinz böhm’s Ethiopia aid”.

to be money is to come together for the organization, at least if the Plan of the Crazy Runners Frank forest works: As a replacement for the running group the athlete calls for, even without an official event is active. Each runner is to select a freely selectable distance with a minimum distance of 10.7 kilometers, no matter where and when. “If you walk from the front door way or on a route, on the you run otherwise would, is no matter,” explains Kevin wonders of the Crazy Runners. Important: Each participant must adhere to the locally applicable regulations during the Corona pandemic. The native of Nordhalbener emphasized several times.

On output restriction Bernd Graf, a spokesman of the district administrative office Kronach keep the

, points out in this connection expressly to the relevant provisions: “physical exercise in the fresh air. in accordance with the General decree on the provisional output limitation of 20 March are. The call of the Crazy Runners Frank forest’ to a ,corona-compliant’ charity run on 28. and 29. March plays a role insofar as this organization has a high responsibility for compliance with the Ministerial guidelines by the participants in this action contributes.”

this is Also why the Crazy Runners emphasize on your website that it was this action not organized or group event. “It should only be a suggestion to Run”, says miracle. To do this, you will have a detailed description published. “This is a must read everyone, you agree to and do it that way, as it is there,” says miracle. In this prove, the Crazy Runners a sense of Humor. So was “to dispense with a social gathering in the respective target areas. But in advance of a cool beer, depending on your taste, with or without alcohol, can be kept in the fridge ready”. In addition, each runner will be in addition to a certificate of “fame and glory on the tracks of this world”.

“trained Because of us, everyone, as before, we thought that we runs our training, but under the Motto ,people run for the people’ could make,” says miracle. Throw “instead of the slip as the ködeltal run in the Box, we could transfer the money online, the easy way.” The first internal idea already met with great reception and now have declared almost 100 runners from Germany and Switzerland, willing to support the action. Also, the auxiliary organization itself was pleased with the idea and have already received some donations, says miracle.

The failed drive to the ködeltal lock the Crazy Runners see as the Start of your action. Because this is by no means limited to the upcoming weekend. “It’s supposed to be a pulse,” says miracle. “Of course it is allowed to run even after the weekend and to donate.”

Digital spleen basic running

Before had the organizers of the Höchheimer spleen reason run the idea, the for today planned, and unusual event individually and decentrally. Each participant completed this weekend, a round in front of its own door-to-door and collects digital its. Running time and distance play no role.

output limitation in Bavaria

General: , The Coronavirus has a significant impact on the freedom of the people, almost all of the events fall out. In Bavaria, since one week, and for the time being up to 3. April a far-reaching output limit. Good reasons: Everyone is encouraged to reduce the physical and social contacts to other people except the members of their household to a Minimum. Wherever possible, a minimum distance between two persons from 1.5 metres to comply with. The Leaving of one’s own apartment is allowed for valid reasons. To Sport and exercise in the fresh air, but only alone or with members of their own household and without other group training.

offense: The police are checking the compliance with the output constraint. People need to make their valid reasons to be credible. A violation of this General order may be punished according to the infection protection act as an administrative offence.

This article was written by Dominic Buckreus

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