With Hits such as “Wake Me Up” and “I Need A Dollar” was Aloe Blacc (40) famous all over the world. Now, the US Star has teamed up with one of the most successful Bands of the Switzerland: He is, tonight, with the high-Flyers of the Bieler Band Pegasus together in the Energy of Air on the stage. In Berner Stade de Suisse they present in front of 40’000 visitors to the Song “the Greatest Show on Earth”, the musicians in Los Angeles have included.

“We met at Energy Air two years ago to know,” says Blacc, in an Interview with LOOK. “The appearance of Pegasus liked me so well that I invited the Band to me home to California.” There, the singer of the Band, Noah Veraguth (32), and the Americans have composed for three days, the joint piece. “I was immediately part of the family,” the Pegasus front man. “In between, I held his sleeping son on the Arm, while Aloe grade worked on a melody. We have worked together, celebrated and eaten. It was the best chicken in the world!”

Blacc has a hit song on a flight back from Switzerland, written in a

That Blacc has taken up with a Swiss Band, a song, is no coincidence: “I wanted to work longer together with one of the artists of this beautiful country. Switzerland is close to my heart,” he says. “I love your nature and you have the most beautiful Festivals: to play At the Moon & Stars on the Piazza Grande in Locarno, is an unforgettable experience.” In addition, he had written his greatest success, with the hit song with the tragically a year ago deceased DJ Avicii (†28), on the flight back from Switzerland.

with Pegasus resulting Pop piece reminiscent of the electronic sounds on the title of the Swedish Hitmachers: “Avicii inspired with his works, a whole Generation. Through my personal connection to him, I think it’s nice if people feel my deceased friend reminds,” says Blacc.

The Song will soon be used in other

After the great performance at Energy Air, which is also the German Rapper Sido (38) and the Swiss ESC-Star Luca Hänni (24) standing on the stage, is also the worldwide distribution of the Swiss-American cooperation in planning. Start by Pegasus now international? Blacc says: “you have with your songs is definitely the right stuff!”

a view.ch transmits from 17 at the Energy Air from the Stade de Suisse live.