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Researchers from the Carlos Iii medical department in Madrid has seen 16,000 the case of koronavirus, where 566 of sjukdomstilfella even with the deaths, 376 men and 190 women. This is almost twice as many men as women.

Director Fernando Simòn victory to the Spanish newspaper El Pais that it is clear that the disease rammar persons with underlying diseases hardast. He points up at a high blood pressure, various lungesjukdomar and diabetes as the greatest risikofaktorane.

– This is diseases that normally rammar men harder than women, and it may be, though, the major difference between the sexes, he says.

Spain is one of the countries in the world that is hardast frame of koronaepidemien.

Genetic causes

Helsearbeidarar in smitteverneutstyr in the work of a sick patient in the northern Italian city of Bergamo.

Photo: Claudio Furlan / AP

Maria del Mar Tomas, spokeswoman for the SEIMC, the Spanish institute for infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, says that there may be genetic reasons why men are harder hit than women. It is also common, she says, that men have more underlying diseases than women.

There are also questions about the hormonal ulikskapen between men and women, together with ulikskapar in the immune system, can be a cause, but this is still only a theory it is not done.

at the same Time there come reports from the North of Italy, showing the very many serious koronasjuke among man between 30 and 40 years. This, According to Paola Padrini, who is the secretary for the organisation of the Italian fastlegar say department in the region of Lombardy.

Many young adults

– Only in Bergamo is approximately 1800 individuals between 30 and 40 years of serious ill by korona, and many of them have a need for a respirator, she said to the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

today, it also revealed that Italian physicians mistenkjer that a reason that so many have passed away of koronaviruset in the North of Italy can be a combination with the resistant germs .

Everything comes to arrange themselves, on this barneteikninga on a husvegg in the village of Vertovo outside Bergamo in Northern Italy.

Photo: Miguel Medina / AFP

the European union’s center for sjukdomskontroll read in a report that was presented Wednesday at the smoking as a reason for a man to be serious sick of koronaviruset.

the Report points also on the underlying diseases as high blood pressure, diabetes and lungesjukdom as important risikofaktorar together with high age, according to the nyheitsbyrået Reuters. And men are more expose than women.

More serious disease in Europe

It emerges from the report that several in Europe is serious sick of koronaviruset than in China. A recent study in China shows that 80 per cent of them suffering only had weak symptom, so showing a similar investigation in the EU that 70 per cent had mild symptom of illness.

the Agency quotes a chinese survey showing that the active røykarar suffering of koronavirus have a greater chance to die than older people with the infection, but that is not røykjer.

Nearly 3,000 suffering

Norwegian institute of public health (FHI) report on Wednesday that it is registered 2916 case of koronasmitte here in the country. Snittalderen on the suffering is 47,7 years. 46.8 percent are women and 53,2 per cent are men. It is the most suffering in the age group 50 to 59 years.

So is kjønnsforskjellane great when you talk about them that is cut by the intensive care unit. Here are 76 percent men and 24 percent women. Snittalderen on these is 59 years.

It is so far reported 14 dead of koronaviruset in Norway. Snittalderen on these is 84 years.

In the whole world it is now close to 380.000 smittetilfelle in 186 countries. It is reported that the most the case in China, Spain, Italy and the united STATES.

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