Shortly before the end of the competition, the audience wanted to cheer on in the full gym in Romont the perfect Comeback of the Switzerland’s most successful gymnast in the history, under Giulia steingruber delivery but still a mishap. The finish on the uneven bars, the last of the four devices, overthrew the Ostschweizerin. Steingruber took it with Humor: “Now I know at least, what I have to do.”

The crash was just a small drawback to an almost perfect evening. Steingruber showed after a 14 month absence of a strong Competition and gymnastics in a phased manner as if they had never been away. To start off on the balance beam, you came through with no uncertainty, even if you are ranked due to the nervousness of the elements on the ten-centimeter-wide device faster than planned together. “I was super nervous the whole week,” said Steingruber. The older you get, the more nervous she was. “I hope that I will be having more competitions, more relaxed again.”

stone Gruber presents a new floor-exercise

The Pièce de Résistance was the Exercise on the floor, on the Steingruber their new choreography presented. And for the first time, they showed the stretched double Salto backward, you on 7. July 2018 in Saint-overthrown Etienne serious consequences and the injury had moved on the left knee the course. “It was a challenge for me,” said Steingruber. “But I have trusted in my experience.” Even if you know that the knee holds up, it has the landings on the ground, occasionally, a queasy feeling.

your experience has helped Steingruber also the leap where they showed the when performing solid, but still not perfect. In the end, you won 53,166 points and more than three points ahead of Stefanie Siegenthaler and Nina Ferrazzini and secured their eighth title in a multi-battle. Defending champion Ilaria Käslin crashed to the ground and gave up after two of the four devices because of discomfort.

“It felt good”

Steingruber language after the successful Comeback of a “cool” feeling. “It felt good, even if I still not on the same level as am, I would like to be.” In just four weeks for the world Championships in Stuttgart, then it is for you to have a Ticket for the Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo, for three years, the big long-term goal of the Ostschweizerin.

Felix Stingelin, head of elite sport of STV, showed the performance of the STV-flagship impressed: “she has delivered a good picture, more you could not expect from her.” Something I missed the serenity, this will return but certainly. The next weekend, under stone, Gruber and her colleagues at the international match against the Netherlands to undergo a last test, before it is in Stuttgart seriously.

gripping duel Hegi against Brägger

In the men’s Oliver Hegi won the first-class Competition and underscore its lasting pot to the Constitution. Already at the Swiss Federal gymnastics festival mid-June, the Aargauer had triumphed, he was also in the internal qualification for the world Cup is the Best. He had three times performed in series without error and constancy shown, I made him miss often. “For my self-confidence is hugely important.”

Hegi and Pablo Brägger showed a thrilling duel in the last Exercise brought the bullion to the decision. At the end of Hegi was just a one-point advantage and claimed his third multi-fight title in 2013 and 2016. The battle for Bronze Benjamin Gischard decided, thanks to a perfect jump to a conclusion in his favor.