Almost 40% of inhabitants of the Saratov region sports

Saratov increasingly involved in sports, at the moment, but whether in any other sport enthusiastic, almost 40 percent of residents of the region. This was during the roundtable said the head of Department fizkulturno-mass work of the Ministry of youth and sports of the Saratov region Dmitry Tochilkin.

“who is doing sport 39.3 per cent of the region’s residents aged 3 to 79 years. It is more than 800 thousand people. Every year there is a calendar plan, we approved, last year was the 9th all-Russian festivals”, – said Tochilin.

He added that, in particular, the popularization of sports and healthy lifestyle in the region are engaged in charitable funds, in particular the Volga children’s charity Fund.

“Specifics of our events in that we cover various areas, including the complex TRP. The index registered on the website TRP Saratov oblast occupies the 3rd place in the Volga Federal district and 13 in Russia – this is a good indicator,” – said the Executive Director of the Volga children’s charity Foundation, President of the Federations of martial arts, pankration, Thai Boxing and workout Pavel Udodov.

He said that the sports festivals are free to participants and spectators.

In the future this work will continue, said the representative of the oil and gas industry, Igor Semykin.

“the plan is to organize training in orphanages. And continue to “infect” the children with a good, kind, bright,” he said.