The Swiss love their gardens! This close relationship has many reasons for this. Small to be seen gardens first and foremost as a leisure activity. When working in the garden to have a rest better than on the Sofa. He who plants nor vegetables, combines the personal experience of Sowing, Growing and Harvesting your own garden.

Three facts to the allotment gardens in 1864, the allotment gardens
Tradition of The German physician Moritz Schreber was called originally, playgrounds for working-class children. After his death, great citizens, in 1864, founded the garden club. This results in a movement in the cities, small gardens created, which were the refuge of the little people was born. the 23 000 Swiss small gardener
So many members of the Swiss family gardener Association is one. In him all are organized as an Association, small gardens, allotments and family gardens operate and convenient to its members lease, especially in peri-urban areas. the 2700 family gardens in Winterthur
100 inhabitants, three gardens has almost come – what Winterthur ZH Switzerland is in the lead. The Tradition of the “Pünten,” as they are called there, goes back to the 15. Century, have been reduced to around the old city civic gardens – to the diet of the population.

The summer has begun, the hobby gardeners are all eager to Set and Sow. Who has no own garden, think maybe about the rent of an Allotment garden near. It is important to note a few things.

A new Plant purchased, and after only a few days it is there again? It happens to the Best. These flowers are also suitable for garden Dummies.