Allies should follow the example of Russia in the military sphere, US Admiral

Photo credit: TASS/Sergei Maligawa

the Commander of the U.S. Navy in Europe, Admiral James Foggo recommended that the allies of Washington to follow the example of Russia in the military sphere. About it reports RIA Novosti.

it is Noted that a recommendation of the American Admiral gave in December. While the media paid attention to the words just now.

“with regard to defense capabilities, as I say to our allies and partners, if you have limited resources and want to protect your Bank, then think about what do so, using A2/AD and acquire such systems. Smart mines. Anti-ship cruise missiles. Coastal radars that work in tandem,” said Foggo.

Specifies that Russia has supplied systems A2/AD along the Eastern borders of the country. In addition, air defense systems C-300 and C-400, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles are on the protection of Kaliningrad, on the Crimean Peninsula and in other places on the Black sea.

Earlier it was reported that the US sanctions helped Russia to increase oil exports in 2019. This was reported by the Ministry of economic development.

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