by The Bern University of applied Sciences and the University hospital of Zurich, developed the App show the real-time pollen data on a map, shared with the institutions on Tuesday. As in the past, this card will also show, in which regions Users to document current symptoms. New to the App added the function of a history report about the symptoms for the next visit to the doctor, as well as a more precise query of whether symptoms in the Outer or interior is to occur.

the real-time pollen data by a measuring device of the Luzerner Start-ups Swisens. This device called the “Poleno” is a measure of the current local concentration of the Allergy, automated relevant to Pollen and is installed in Biel and Lucerne, it was said. For 2020, real-time, be scheduled data for the other regions. So far, pollen samples from the air are identified manually and tallied, what, several days need.

by The App collected data will be anonymized, encrypted, and included in the pollen study. The aim of the project is, pollen of early-warning systems, to improve consultations and therapies. In the pollen season 2018 is around 8000 hay fever delivered over 24’000 symptom entries-Ridden already. The inclusion of real-time pollen data allows the analysis of correlations between the recorded symptoms and the actual Pollen, it was said in the message.

Also, Meteoswiss plans to provide Allergy sufferers by 2023, with reliable real-time pollen data and works also with the company Swisens, as well as with the Geneva company Plair. The measurement systems of both companies based on the fact that the Pollen of a laser beam to pass through and reflect light and scatter. This information about the Size and shape of the particles. Thanks to artificial intelligence and Algorithms, the systems identify the existing Pollen. (SDA)