DS 3 cross back E-Tense

electric motor, 136 HP (100 kW), 260 Nm@1/min, single-stage transmission, front wheel drive, battery 50 kWh
performance: from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.7 s, top speed of 150 km/h
weight: L/B/H = 4,12/1,79/1,53 m, 1525 kg, the trunk 350 to 1050 l
fuel consumption: approx. of 15.6 kWh/100 km (gasoline equivalent of around 1.9 l/100 km)
maximum range 320 km (after WLTP)
price: from 45’to 100 Swiss francs

“Please, no test drive – just go for a drive.” Antoine Maes is aware of its responsibility fully aware of. The pre-production copy of the DS 3 cross back E-Tense is not as Mature as the series cars will be very soon. Therefore, the DS product Manager, advises us: “be careful!”

Logical. This fits better to the DS Image. At its inception, the PSA daughter was glitter Girlie for the Chinese market, with sparkling stuff on the outside and the inside. However, with the pure electric DS 3 cross-back-E-Tense, you will follow the electric-a pioneer in the group, the Opel (Corsa E) and Peugeot (e-208) with the same technique on the foot. But, no hundreds of HP, no crazy acceleration, no Mega-reach: is exaggerated. In the quietly humming electric Mini-SUV’s except the CO2 liberated drive with a maximum of 320 kilometres, especially to comfort, relaxation and enjoyment.

When you Go to get rid of just listen to the Wind

So nice and leisurely on the North Danish country roads. Outside, one noticed only on the E-Tense-Logo the Stromer, the inside what it looks like in a conventional DS-3 cross back. The Design is less flashy, but still noticeable with all the diamond quilted Seats or dashboard. But quite still goes to – so quiet that you can hear whisper of the Wind around the mirror. “We’ve tuned the car on the serene driving experience,” says Maes.

True. The 136 HP drag us scores instead of brute forward, for the Overtaking maneuver, the torque-Kick’s still enough loose. With 310 kilometers range, we wheels, with 265 we come back to the 42-kilometre route. A 11 kW Wallbox fills the empty battery within five hours; with 100 kW half an hour for 80 per cent. “Quite ready, the control software is not but still,” says Maes. Nevertheless, as a pre-production car to touch it and not feel this car already.

45’100 franc

sure, you can feel 300 pounds more weight, compared to the conventional DS 3 cross back. In the back of the tight rear seat of the five-seater has no more space. And at 350 to 1050 liters of cargo volume is a tribute to the flat rear. The E-Tense rides smoother and more comfortable than some other, more hard-tuned Stromer. But the Serenity has its price: a Minimum of 45’of 100 francs will be starting in the spring for the first DS-Stromer due.

Tannistest: Test-Marathon in the North of Denmark

It is the largest independent Autotest of the world: The so-called Tannistest in the North Denmark Bindslev between Hirtshals and Skagen, the members of the European Jury for Car of the Year (it feel once in a year with: – view-car-in-chief Andreas Faust) in the new models of the year on the Tooth. Organized the six-day test event of the Northern European members of the Jury. A pity: The early date of this year led to numerous Cancellations. So Ford Puma, Nissan Juke, Opel Corsa and the new VW Golf to the Test, made it, for example. At the Geneva auto salon 2020 in the coming March, the Jury will announce their favorites of this car class.