traditions are meant to be broken: The fierce competition from beat the car world all the taboos. Now once again, BMW is rear wheel drive. The 2 series Active Tourer has front-wheel drive. But the is a type, not a curve Fetzer. By turning the Bavaria, so when the third 1 in the sense of the word – with the front tires when accelerating?

cool Style! But the “kidney”?

we Look from the outside. Cool Rear? Check! Coupé-Like Line? Check! The above-bent grille”kidney”? Taste or just a matter of habit. The Cockpit is cool, especially since the red pen has not raged too coarse. Only: What is the Digi-instruments, if you can’t configure at all as free as, for example, in competitor to the Mercedes A-class?

A car called the Thursday

Still, there’s the full Digital treatment, as it were, to gesture control, mobile phone as a key and a language assistant, you can re-rename it – instead of “Hello, BMW!” he reacts then, for example, “hi, Gabi!” or “Hello, Thursday!” (how it shows us an engineer). Important: with 4.32 meters virtually the same length of around 50 pounds lighter 1-series is rear and in load compartment (380-1200 l) clear airy. No room for giant, but the journey no longer ends at the chiropractor.

A M for the fun of driving

Initially, there’s the petrol 118i and M135i xDrive with 140 and 306 HP, and the Diesel 116d, 118d and 120d xDrive with 116, 150 and 190 HP. Test drive in the M135i xDrive: Tight, instead of painful, and the two-liter Turbo los hisses feisty. From 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, and the standard fuel consumption is 6.8 l/100 km.

Even with the rear swing

Including the Push and turn input and output Return? Puff cake: The word “under control” seems to be in Bavaria is unknown. Who provoked, collected at all times naughty turn-in of the rear portion. But wait: The M135i has xDrive, so all-wheel drive. So require in the 118d (4.1 l/100 km) front-wheel drive. Not a rocket, but fast. And comfortable, but down to earth. Typically BMW. And the front wheels? Squeaking time to push, but almost never, and not to twitch the steering Wheel.

Everything is new, everything is dynamic

Our test drive-conclusion: Who does not want to drift all the time, gets in the 1-series also in the future, the full dynamics, instead of front-wheel drive feeling and the 28. In September, the new fun mass of the League. Just not cheap Fun: Even without the Extras, it cost 36‘100 (118i) to 58’600 Swiss francs (M135i xDrive). Here, too, so everything Remains different at Bayern.

Albert Maier: no, definitely not. There are tasks to perform, and in this case it was to keep the front wheel straight as to how a BMW drives up. We have done everything that this will work – and having done.

thanks to the new architecture, in Combination with electronics, such as BMW i3s known wheel slip limiting ARB. As a result, the customer can move the a’s as he is used to.

It brings more space – it had been requested by our customers. In this vehicle category, we see no Problem, especially since the high-powered models “are verallradet”.