The chronology of the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, Friday, 25. April 1986

The layer line begins the performance of the reactor to shut down. You want to test, whether during a power failure, the outlet of turbines for the supply of the emergency core cooling continue to be used.

however, Because Kiev demanded power is stopped to shut down at 50 percent power. The emergency core cooling system remains switched off – a violation of the Operating instructions.

The reactor is driven to the preparation of the emergency experiment. Aim for about 25 per cent performance slightly above the Minimum allowed. In the case of falling Below the Minimum threshold during operation of the reactor can be unstable and out of control.

Saturday, 26. April 1986

A technician is a fatal error, probably due to entering a wrong value. The reactor power is down to about 1 percent. The team can turn the reactor back to 7 percent by rods more tax than allowed.

To pump the six main water two reserve pumps for the cooling system. It further controls are removed and rods to stabilize the power quickly.

in Spite of the system of waste will be continued in the preparations for the Test. The investigator bridges the signals that would have led to an emergency shutdown – a serious breach of the safety regulations.

shift Alexander Akimov begins generators in the emergency power test with the closing of the valves of the two turbines. The flow of water in the reactor is reduced, and the power of the reactor is increased immediately. The temperature rises, and the refrigerant evaporates – an uncontrolled chain reaction sets in.

Chernobyl: life after

robbed of The Chernobyl disaster to you in your home. Hundreds of thousands were displaced, some of which were illegal back, back in the blocking zone, back to their homeland. Today, they are tolerated by the government.

Once 000 people lived in Pripyat 50, right next to the nuclear power plant. Until the disaster has contaminated your home life sales.

Official estimates are that more than 25’000 people were involved in work after the disaster in the Region around Chernobyl to clean – up and rescue died.

Twice already, the world has experienced a Super-GAU. On the list of the worst nuclear accidents in Switzerland is also represented.

protective case on the nuclear ruin was

built 30 years after the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl in the Ukraine, specialists have pushed in a historic step, a giant protective case on the nuclear ruin. “Yes, we did it,” said the head of state Petro Poroshenko.

The Federal government has been seeking locations for the storage of nuclear waste. Three options are still in the shortlist. But why this is actually so dangerous?