The Mandalorian to English: Disney+ holds are now ready to

In some countries, including the United States and the Netherlands, are the Apps already in the last few months of the year, German Fans of Disney and Marvel had to wait yet. Especially the Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” is expected to be of German Fans with voltage. But with a Trick you can view them now – and even in German.

Over a VPN connection, you can log in now with a German Account in Disney+. Currently, the first content are already available in the App. The only way to create a German Account, the pre-order promotion (display) from Disney – so you save 10 Euro on a one-year subscription.

Surf tips:

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  • different Soon in Germany – Disney Plus: price, discount, Start and Account sharing all the info

Disney+ for Android: you can use the App right now

Since Disney is not+ yet in the German Play Store, it takes a detour, Install on your Android Smartphone requires a few steps, but is done in a few minutes.

  • Download the XAPK file for Disney+ on your Android phone down.
  • Disney+ to install, you need APKPure. Download the APK and install it on your Smartphone.
  • Navigate in the APKPure on the menu at the top right of the tab “APK / XAPK-management”. There you will find the newly downloaded file Disney+.
  • Install Disney+ with the corresponding button. If the Smartphone refuses to install, giving you APKPure the permission to Install Apps. Disney+ 7 days test free: service is started (display)
  • So that the App is installed on your phone – anything that is still missing is the Login. To do this, you need to do is download a reliable VPN App PureVPN on your Smartphone and the location to the US. The connection is enabled, you can with your German Account in Disney+ login. You do not have one, you can get the pre-order action a new German Account, or the American test version. In the latter, you must abstain, however, on German-language content.

    To series and movies on your Smartphone view, you should not forget to activate it before the Start of the Disney+-App of the VPN service. Otherwise, Disney+ is that you log in from Germany, and disables the Streaming. You can fix it by logging out, close the App and with an enabled VPN login again. FOCUS-Online-Deal with PureVPN

    a Safe and camouflaged on the net: Two years PureVPN for only 43 instead of 230,40 EUR

    Now to the offer

    Disney+ on the iPhone

    use iPhone users can download the App from Disney+ in advance. With a change to the American Version of the App store you can access on the App and on your iPhone download. To login, you need to follow the same steps as Android users and by means of a VPN connection through a US Server. You can view it with a German Account of the first series and movies in English.

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