All regions supported the law on the constitutional amendments

the Legislative assemblies of all 85 regions of Russia took a decision to support the law on amendments to the Constitution. Allows to send the law to the constitutional court for verification is not in force provisions at least 57 subjects had been made the day before, reports “Russia 24”.

the results of the vote are already enrolled in the Federation Council. About it RIA Novosti working group co-Chairman Andrei Klishas. On Saturday in plenary, the senators will consider them.

Earlier this week the law on amendments was supported by the State Duma. For the adoption of the document voted 383 MP, against there was nobody. On the same day the document was approved by the Federation Council.

a nationwide vote will take place on April 22. Vladimir Putin said that the amendments will take effect only after the vote. The people of Russia “belongs here, is absolutely decisive role”.